Fs 540

How to Frontside 540 on a Snowboard

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How to Frontside 540 on a Snowboard


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It’s Christian from Shred School. 

Once you start to learn one or two 540’s, you’re going to want to learn all of them. I made the mistake of only learning to spin one way for years. I would only do backside and cab 540s, pulling a real zoolander, and only spinning one way,  and in doing so I was neglecting one of the most fun tricks, the fs 540.

It’s a great setup trick if you want to do a switch trick afterwards, and it’s the stepping stone to fs 720s and frontside 900s. 

Let’s get into it. 

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The Snowboard FS 540

christian snowboarding

Contrary to popular rhetoric on youtube, the fs 540 is not a frontside 360 with a frontside 180 at the end.

It’s more like a frontside 180 into a switch backside 360, which means, if you want to have  great frontside 540s, you need to practice 3 tricks. The

If you have those three dialed in, you’re going to have no problem stomping fs 540s.

Meanwhile your friends will be washing out, unable to ride away switch, because they haven’t put the proper building blocks in place.

The Frontside 540 Tutorial

For the fs 540, you’re going to want to go a little bit faster than you would for a fs 360 so you can scrub some speed off the jump. We’re going to take a bit sharper toe to heel approach to build momentum, and at the same time, wind up our arms, pulling both arms back as we ride up the jump on our heels. Lean slightly harder on your heels than you would with a frontside 360, but be sure to keep your body weight over your board. 

At the top of the lip, throw your arms around, and pop HARD off your back foot.

You’re going to see the same effect we see on a fs 360 where your shoulders will turn significantly before you take off…

But your legs stay straight off the lip. Do this by bending the back leg and straightening the front, and trying hard to hold it straight edge off the lip while your shoulders turn. 

Once you’re in the air, your body weight is going to mimic that of a swbs 360.

You can see here that on a frontside 360, at 270 degrees your weight is going to be over your back foot to get ready to land.

The big difference is that on a frontside 540, your body weight will be over your front foot in the air at 270, so you can come around to land switch without going tail heavy. 

I like to throw my body weight a bit more forward off the jump than I would on a 360 to achieve this weight distribution. 

After you pop, Pull your board up to your grabbing hand. Indy, melon, stalefish and mute all work great for this trick.  

Wait to grab your board until you’re at least 180, so you can get the spin around If you grab before that, it might stall you out before you have a chance to get your momentum in motion.

By now, you can see the landing. 

This is an open landing, which means, as soon as you get to around 270 degrees and grab, you can see the full landing for the remainder of the trick. Tweak that grab and hold on. 

Start to open up at around 450 degrees and extend your legs to land.

If you’ve practiced your swbs360s, this will be easy, If you haven’t you’ll probably wash out or under or over rotate.

Your shoulders will make it to 540 before your legs do, so simply let your legs unwind the rest of the way while coming down to the landing.

Try to land flat based or slightly toe edged here to keep your speed up for the next trick.

FS 540 Trick Tips

Once you get really good at these, Start to cork it out a bit after you get it down by dipping your shoulder. Corking the spin actually makes it easier to get around, it turns into one smooth motion. 

That’s it, the frontside 540. One and a half spins, taking off regular, and landing switch. Take a toe to heel approach, wind up, pop off the back foot, get your body weight over your front foot in the air, lead with the shoulders, finish with the legs… and most of all. Practice those switch backside 360’s ahead of time!

Once you’ve got it dialed, cork it out and let us know how it goes. 

That’s all for today.

Peace out shredder.

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Backside lipslide

How to BS Lipslide on a Snowboard

Watch The Video How to BS Lipslide on a Snowboard Introduction 50% Off Online Snowboard School:  What up Shredder? It’s Christian from Shred School.

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FS Invert

How to FS Handplant or Frontside Invert on a Snowboard

How to do a FS Handplant on a Snowboard


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What up shredder… 

One reason I got Oakley to fly me out to Mt. Hood, and pay for me to go snowboarding in the middle of summer, is because the team manager liked my handplants.

Specifically, my frontside inverts, which not a lot of people take the time to learn.

But you’re not like most people. Once you’ve mastered the backside handplant, it’s time to step to the frontside invert.

If you want to learn ALL the pre-requisites, this week we’ve got 50% Off Shred School:

The FS Handplant Trick for Beginners

FS handplant

Ok, frontside handplant, also called a frontside invert. We’re taking another note out of skateboarding’s book here. 

This trick was originally done as a “miller flip” invented by Darrel Miller where you bring it back to fakie in the vert ramp. In snowboarding, we tend to refer to a backflip over an obstacle with your front hand down in the middle as a miller flip, and a frontside handplant to regular on a quarter pipe or halfpipe as a frontside invert.

Again, like all handplants, The frontside invert is one of the most fun tricks EVER. 

And they aren’t that hard, just a little scary at first, so even if you’re not a pro on the snowboard, as long as you can do a frontside air on a quarterpipe, you can try a handplant.

It might also make this trick easier if you learn a backflip, and maybe even a crippler on a quarter pipe before trying this trick. That being said, you don’t have to know how to do those tricks to handplant.

How to do a Frontside Invert While Snowboarding

Step 1 is to find the right feature. This is easiest on a small to medium quarter pipe with some vertical at the top, also called vert.

You can also do this in a halfpipe but it’s a lot harder because you have to stay on an edge, and the wall falls away down the slope, so if possible, try this on a quarter pipe where you can ride straight up the wall.

Now, contrary to popular opinion, the hardest part about this trick is NOT the handplant.

It’s getting the speed and pop right. If you do that, everything else is easy.

Before we start planting, let’s practice frontside airs on the quarter pipe to get comfortable with the speed. 

We want the same speed as if we were going to air about 2 feet out of the quarter pipe. This is a little bit faster for this trick than most people would guess.

That’s because, we want to plant on the very top of the lip, and we want our feet to go above our heads, in an almost weightless manner.

If you go too slow, you’re not going to make it up the vert, and your full body weight will come crashing down.

If you go too fast, your hand will miss the plant and you might fly out of the quarter pipe.

If we get our speed JUST right, it’s the right amount to throw our feet over our head, and keep them weightless.

With the right speed, this trick feels weightless. That’s why you don’t need gymnast level strength to pull it off.

Advanced FS Handplants on a Snowboard

Ok, let’s talk about the approach. We’re going to come straight into the quarter pipe, and basically ride straight up the wall.

I like to take a slight toe edge, so I can really dig in to start turning my shoulders. It also makes it easier to get the pop to throw your feet over your head.

Unlike the backside handplant where we don’t want to turn our shoulders until we’re already in the plant, I turn my shoulders before I even pop on this one, as I’m riding up the wall.

To do this trick right, You’re going to pop at the very top of the quarter pipe and throw your feet straight back over your head. Look down over your front shoulder and spot the top of the quarter pipe to plant your front hand. Your eyes should be laser focused on where your hand is going to land.

It’s easiest if you grab indy at the same time your arm reaches the lip. Your feet are going to go more than over your head, almost like 3/4 of a flip. You can actually use your indy grab to pull your feet over your head.

Push off the snow with your front hand and look over your leading shoulder to get your feet to drop back in to the quarter pipe. Again, this is all about getting perfect speed. If you do that, you’ll fall right back to your feet.

When you come back in, you’re going to have to make some effort to lean toward your front foot to regain your balance.

Since your legs are going MORE than over your head, you’re going to pop out a little harder on this one. Just don’t pop out too hard and send it to the flats. 

The big mistake people make on this one is not sending their feet far enough over their head. They want to hedge their bets and do 25%, but this is a lot easier if you really flip your feet over the head. 

The fs invert is all about confidence and speed. I think I learned this one first or second try too.

Just pick a slushy day so the landing is soft, and go for it.

The worst case scenario is you slide down the QP on your back, which isn’t too bad as long as you land at the top. Don’t pop out super hard or you might fall to the bottom.

The Snowboarding Frontside Invert Trick

That’s it, the frontside invert. Ride straight up the wall of a QP slightly on your toes, with just enough speed to air two feet out. As your tail leaves the lip, throw your feet back over your head, and look down your front shoulder to spot the plant. Put your front hand on the lip, and Grab your toe edge with your back hand and pull to get your feet over your head. 

Snap your feet back under you, lean forward and ride away clean. After you’ve got that, flip it the whole way over and take it to fakie next time.

And if you’re really a master, take it to fakie back the other way.

Find a slushy quarter pipe and Go give your first frontside invert a shot today.

That’s it. 

Peace out shredder

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frontside 180

How to Frontside 180 on a Snowboard (FS 180)

How to Frontside 180 on a Snowboard


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It’s Christian from Shred School. 

I remember that glorious day back in 1997, shredding down the Pennsylvania hill on my Burton Chopper 122, launching off a mogul, spinning frontside 180 and landing switch.

It was my first spin ever, and one of the easiest spins to do on flat ground, moguls or a small jump. 

The easiest spin trick on a snowboard – the first spin most people learn.

Today, we’re going to talk about the frontside 180 which could be your first time spinning on a snowboard. 

If you want to learn ALL the pre-requisites, this week we’ve got 50% Off Shred School:

What is a Snowboard Frontside 180?

turning hard

The frontside 180 is a 180 degree spin where you take off regular, spin with your front facing down the mountain, and land switch. It’s a 180 to the left for regular riders and to the right for goofy riders. 

For those of you that are new, a 180 is a half of 360, or half of a full spin, which means, whichever stance you take off with, will not be the same stance you land with.

Yes, that means landing switch.

Before you learn the frontside 180, make sure to practice your ollies, and riding switch. It doesn’t do anyone any good to learn a 180 if they haven’t practiced riding switch in order to ride away from the trick. 

If you’re pretty sketchy riding switch, take a few more switch runs before going for the 180.

Ok, now you’re ready to get started

How to FS 180 on a Snowboard

It helps if we start on an edge. We’re going to Ride across the slope on your heel edge, and swivel around 180, so you’re riding switch on your toe edge. 

Practice this a couple of times, and then we’re ready to add a small ollie. 

Lean in to your heels, give a small windup with your arms, and use the power of your tail to pop, spin and land on your nose to bring the trick around. 

The key here is to spin with your shoulders, and your board will naturally follow. You can start turning your shoulders frontside 180 before you’ve even left the ground, open up your chest to face down the hill,  and you can use your nose to pivot around.

You can see this clearly on a skateboard. 

If you’re having trouble getting this around, it may help to Pull your front arm behind you.

How to do a FS 180 Jump

Once you’ve got the 180 dialed on flat ground and on the slope, it’s time to take it to a jump. 

We’re going to use a light toe to heel approach, coming up the jump on the left side (if we’re regular) on our toes, and switching to our heels as we come up the ramp.

You can also use a heel side side hit as a substitute for a jump here. 

We don’t want to lean too far into our heels, because this is only a 180. If we cut too hard, we’ll go off axis, or spin too much. Keep your posture straight, stand up tall, and keep your body weight above your board, with just a slight heel edge. 

Keep your weight centered over your back foot, but land nose heavy (that means your switch tail), with a flat base or slightly on your toe edge.

That’s going to make sure we land leaning down the landing, without going over the tip of our board. 

Ride out of this trick switch, and hit the next feature switch.

Let me repeat that. Get in the habit of hitting the next feature with the same stance as you land. Nothing says amateur more than someone who reverts as soon as they land, because they can’t ride out switch.  

Advanced Snowboarding Frontside Spins

That’s the fs 180. It’s super fun, incredibly easy to do on a small jump or side hit, but quite a bit harder to do over bigger jumps. The challenge is not to spin too  much as the jump gets bigger. 

You can do fs 180’s out of 50-50s, you can frontside 180 on to a grind.

I like to tailpress 180 out.

Remember, It’s all in the shoulders.

You can do this trick switch, also called a half cab, so that we’re landing regular, although I recommend you start with the regular frontside 180 and learn the half cab next.

You’ll want to master this trick as it’s the exact motion you use to land switch backside 360’s, frontside 540’s, switch backside 720’s and frontside 900’s. 

That’s it, the frontside 180. The first spin I learned. A 180 degree spin with your front facing down the mountain. Take off on your heels, give it a little wind up, ollie, and come around to switch. Ride out switch and hit the next feature switch. 

Go give the frotnside 180 a shot and let us know how it goes. 

That’s all for today.

Peace out shredder

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how to frontside boardslide

How to Frontside Boardslide on a Snowboard

How to Frontside Boardslide on a Snowboard


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It’s (Christian) from Shred School. 

You know I recently heard someone describe the frontside boardslide as “the method grab of jibs, the one trick that has more style than any other” and I quite liked it.

Also known as a “front board”  or fsbs the frontside boardslide is feared by beginner and intermediate riders, and revered by park rats, skateboarders turned snowboarders, and pros alike. 

Today we’re going to break down what at first seems like an intimidating trick, but really isn’t’ so bad once you get the hang of it.

If you want to learn ALL the pre-requisites, this week we’ve got 50% Off Shred School:

The Snowboard Frontside Boardslide

frontslide boardslide

If you want to make sure you never miss a video, go ahead and subscribe to the channel and hit notifications right now. That’s going to make sure you always get notified of new videos. 

When I first started to learn front boards, I mostly did them to fakie. This was back in the early 2000’s when it was more popular, but frontside boardslides back to regular quickly took over. It was the sign of a true shredder to be able to bring it back to regular.

Doing a frontside boardslide to fakie is kinda like just doing a backside 180 while landing on  a rail in the middle. It’s pretty out of control.

When you bring this trick back around to regular it shows more control, and allows you to actually see where you’re going. 

Now, before you step to the frontside boardslide, you should learn how to ollie, fs 50-50, and backside 180.

The fs 50-50 will teach you the approach, and the backside 180 will get you used to feeling comfortable with your back facing down the mountain, as this is the hardest part about this trick… it’s not that it’s hard, you just have to let yourself relax.

A frontside boardslide is when you approach a rail frontside, meaning the rail is in front of you, or towards your toe, rather than heel edge, and you turn 90 degrees towards the rail.

As opposed to a frontside lipslide, where you would turn away from the rail.

Or a backside boardslide, where you would turn towards the rail that is on your heelside edge, or behind you.

People get really confused, because you are technically spinning backside 90 degrees into a frontside boardslide.

You should just know that the terms frontside and backside don’t mean the same thing for rails and for spins, so just separate the two in your mind. 

They’re not related, stop trying to make them mean the same thing. 

With rails, frontside is any trick where the rail is in front of your toeside edge.

How to Frontside Boardslide on a Snowboard

The easiest way to learn the frontside boardslide is to first practice it on the flat ground. Simply do a toeside edge carve, and counter rotate your body so you’re looking down the hill, while your back turns down the hill at the same time.

If you’re regular that means the top of your body will turn to the left, and your legs will turn to the right.

You really have to twist, as you want your body to turn a full 90 degrees. I find that it sometimes helps to reach my back hand towards my nose to get the full rotation.

Once you can do this, try the same thing, but put your full body weight over your front foot, and then give a little pop back to regular.

By pressing into our front foot, we can control our lock into the rail, and pop out much easier.

It’s almost like a small nollie out of a frontside boardslide. 

Try this on a practice board if you can to get the hang of the motion before stepping to a box or rail on the slope.

You can also try the fsbs to fakie on the ground. 

Take the exact same motion, but when you’re ready to pop out, turn your shoulders backside and let your legs follow. Remember to stay looking down at your feet rather than trying to figure out where you’re going.

This will help because you will inevitably get turned around backwards trying this trick on a rail, and it’s best if you don’t panic. 

It will also train you to survive if you fall off the rail early and need to come out fakie, or switch.

Once you’ve mastered the fsbs on the ground, it’s time to step it up and take it to a box.

Snowboard Frontside Boardslide Box and Rail Tutorial

Pick an easy ride on box that’s low to the ground. After a couple warm up 50-50s, we’re just going to switch to a frontside boardslide halfway across the box.

Do a little hop, counter rotate, kick out the back foot and reach your back hand for your nose. Keep your eyes on the end of the box and do a little nollie off the end.

If this feels good, it’s time to front board the whole thing.

Approach the box like you would a fs 50-50, ollie straight up in the air, and just before you land on the box, turn your board 90 degrees and counter rotate your shoulders. Look under your front armpit to see the end of the rail, and try to keep your eyes locked in.

This is going to be a Transfer of the weight from back foot, when you ollie, to front foot when you land on the box. 

Make sure you actually complete an Ollie straight up in the air, and THEN turn after your nose has cleared the box or rail.  Most amateurs won’t do this – they’ll do some weird 45 degree hop instead of separating the two motions. 

You want to approach just like you’re going to do a 50-50, and in the air turn at the last second.

Press evenly into your front foot so the weight is spread across your entire foot. If you just turn and don’t press into your foot, you will likely slide out towards your toes. This is what most people do. You have to really commit to turning your board a full 90 degrees and getting all of your weight directly over the rail.

You want to angle your body weight and board at the same angle as the rail. That means, if it’s a down rail, you have to lean down the slope.

Frontside Boardslide Snowboarding Fails and How to Avoid Them

Again, the biggest issue here is commitment, and that’s why most people slide out on their toes. 

They’re just unwilling to commit to leaning down the hill.

If you do slide out towards your toes, just reach a hand down towards the rail so you don’t smash your chest.

Keep your board at the angle of the box, and pop off the end. Make sure to turn your board 90 degrees to ruide straight out, even if your shoulders haven’t rotated back. THat’s ok, just get that board around. Sometimes your head is still looking up at the rail like Ben here. 

I like to practice these on the end of a rail too, coming from the side and olling up for the very last bit of the rail. That way if I catch an edge or slide out, I’m already at the end of the rail or box.

The other mistake people make is they lean too far down the hill, and catch an edge like I do here… in all fairness this board was brand new with sharp edges. This really doesn’t happen that often, it’s much more common to slide out on towards the toes. 

Unless you’re on a kink rail, then it’s another story.

Just remember, you want your weight evenly spread across your whole base. Just because you’re leaning down hill doesn’t mean you should lean into an edge. 

I will say that if you don’t fully commit to the 90 degrees, you do a halfway front board at 45 degrees, you’re much more likely to catch your edge.

I see people with straight legs turning 45 degrees all the time.

If you bend your knees deeply it’s a lot easier to get the full 90.

Something else that goes wrong is people give up the counter rotation and turn their eyes uphill towards the rail.

This is totally fine. If you’re practicing your backside 180’s like i’ve recommended, it won’t feel all too unfamiliar. THe key is not to panic, stare straight down at the rail, but keep the pressure the whole way across your foot so you don’t slip out. When you see the end of the rail, turn your board the rest of the way and ride out fakie. 

You might also struggle with falling off the inside of the rail, with your nose sliding off. If this is the case, you most likely need to put the mass of your upper body directly over the rail, Some people just stick their nose up there and keep their body off to the side because they’re scared to commit. The longer the rail, the more you’re going to need to commit to lock in. 

You may also need to take a more extreme angle up to the rail if you’re having a hard time getting on top. Some people are completely parallel when they approach, and can’t get the momentum to get up top.

The Snowboarding FSBS

You can do this trick on a box, a rail, a down rail, a hand rail,  anything you want.

You can do a switch board to front board, or cab 270 into this trick.

You can also turn it into a blunt and 270 out, or keep it on the front foot and pretzel out.

It’s a building block for half the tricks out there, and well worth your time to learn. You will love this trick as soon as you get over the fear of turning your back down the mountain. 

That’s the frontside boardslide, also called a “front board” or “fsbs” It’s when you approach a box or rail that is in front of your toe edge, ollie up and turn a full 90 degrees towards the rail. Your back will be facing down the mountain. You can come out regular or to switch.

Peace out shredder

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how to land a fs 360

Trick Tip: How To Land a Frontside 360 On A Snowboard

Watch The Video

How to 360 On A Snowboard


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What up shredder?

Do you want to learn how to 360 for the first time? Or maybe you just need to learn to master the frontside 360 and land it every time without corking out and landing on your back.

Today we break down the building blocks to proper frontside (fs) 360’s so your technique works whether you’re sending it over a roller or an 80 foot jump. If you’re looking for beginner park tricks, switch backside 180s, frontside spins, hitting jumps, getting air and progressing your riding, this video is for you.

Pre-requisites listed for this trick:

If you want to learn ALL the pre-requisites, this week we’ve got 60% Off Shred School:

Peace out shredder!


Snowboard 360

What up shredder today you’re going to learn one of the most stylish, iconic and fun tricks you can do on a snowboard. It’s one that can make you look like a total G if you do it properly or like a total noob. If you can’t master it. Every true shatter needs to have this in their arsenal. The trick is front side three 60

I know some very good writers who still don’t have a respectable front side three 60 and I think it’s because popping up your heels can be a very foreign thing to a lot of writers and I can relate for a long time I could only do these off of side hits and I didn’t really understand how to pop off my heels.

The thing is once I learned how to properly pop off my heels, I learned how to really front side 360 and I learned a front side 540 and a front side 720 in the same exact day. Now I recently taught my friend Danny had a pop off his heels as well and he did the same thing. He went three to five to seven all in the same day. So today you’re going to learn how to properly front-side three 60 and if you can do that it’s really not hard to take it to the next level.

Now there are some prereqs for this trick. The first one, the foundation of most tricks is the Ali. You also learn how to front side 180 kind of backs at 180 how to switch backside 180 how do front side butter and how to do some grabs off of jumps.

Now a lot of people want to skip mastering the switch back, so 180 and go straight to the front side, 360 I can tell you that those people don’t have very good front side threes and they wreck a lot. Mastering the fundamentals, it’s what’s going to make you a serious shredder in starting with the basic building blocks is what’s going to get you the tricks you want. So don’t skip that switchbacks. A 180 so what is a front side? Three a front side, 360 is one full spin where in the first 90 degrees your body is going to turn to face down the mountain.

So that means you’re going to have a blind landing. It’s essentially the combination of a front side, 180 into a switchbacks, 180 in the air. Remember this, this is going to be important, so in order to frontside 360 we have to start with a proper approach to the jump. You’re going to use a toe to heel approach, which means we’re going to approach the jump on the left side.

If you’re regular coming in on our toes and then switched to our heels going up the right side of the jump. Now when you switch to your heels just before the ramp, you’ll want to bend down, wind up your arms by pulling them back like your pre spinning a windup top. When you reach the lip all the way off the jump and center on your heels, you want to jump hard with both legs.

Bend your back leg when you’re jumping and straighten out that front leg. And then as soon as you pop off the lip, I want you to pick up your legs into your chest. Don’t worry about your boards spinning here. Okay. You want to start spinning with your upper body like you can see here and force your board to go straight off the lip while you jump.

This is almost going to feel like a backside shifty with the top of your body twisting and your board and your leg stretching the other way. Now your back arm should come in line with the nose of your board so that your legs are going straight off the jump and your upper body is almost 180 once you’ve taken off, as you can see here, Ben’s upper body is a full 180 degrees before his board has started to spin at all, and this is the big problem most people have with front side three sixties is they try to spin with their board instead of with their shoulders.

You want to keep your board straight off the lip spin with the upper body. Now here’s the secret sauce. The secret is a straight front leg. When you pop, let’s look at what happens to Alex when he doesn’t straighten his front leg and keep his board straight off the lip like I recommend.

Now look what happens when his front leg is straight. He gets a clean pop. He levels out in the air to the land. Let’s take another look at how this works. On a cut up, no. A front side, 360 is just your lower body unwinding. Your upper body spins in your lower body follows in order for this to happen, don’t grab on this trick until your front arm has reached about 180 degrees. That means your front arm is pointing towards the lip that you took off of. If you’ve grabbed before that you’re going to have to whip the trick around and probably look ugly.

Some beginners grabbed too early and it stops their shoulders from rotating altogether or they have to wit the second half of the spin around like I do here when I tried to do a double grab and grabs too early. So it’s okay if your lower body hasn’t spun at all. Just try to get that upper body spinning so all you have to do is hold on and float down to the landing once you grab.

So you can see here my board is only about 90 degrees when I grabbed, but my front arm is the entire 180 degrees. That’s what you’re looking for before starting your gap. Now the entire spins should be taken care of just in the way that you popped off the lip. The rest of the trick, like most tricks on a snowboard, is just going along for the ride after takeoff.

The proper takeoff is everything here. So when you start to come around 270 degrees in the air, you want to look straight down at the ground and start to lower your landing gear. So if you have your legs pulled up into your chest, start to lower your legs down. If you’ve learned switchbacks on 180 is like I recommend this should feel very familiar.

You’re going to stare at your back foot and level out your base. Just look straight down here. If you try and open up your shoulders and look forward to where you’re going, you’re going to over-rotate catch an edge or land on your back. So be sure stare straight down at the ground, land the trick, and then look up to see where you’re going. If you’ve done this, boom, you just stomped your first pro level, front side three. Now if it didn’t work out as planned the first time, don’t worry.

There’s some common things that go wrong. Number one is people wash out on their heels. Usually this is because they’re trying to look where they’re riding out instead of staring straight down with the board until they lay in. The second thing people do is they pre spin off the jump. This is because they’re trying to spin with their legs instead of their upper body first.

So remember to straighten your front leg and pop hard because you’re on your heels. You have to pop harder than if you’re on your toes. When you do bring your legs up into your chest of it. Now sometimes people do this and they end up corking their spin and they land on their back or their butt or their stomach. So I guarantee if you do this, if you find that every fund side three, you’re corking out, your landing on your back is because you don’t know how to switch back.

So 80 once you learn that switchbacks, that one 80 even if you quirk your three sixties you’re still gonna land on your feet. Some people court their front threes so much they resemble a back flip but they still land on their feet. That’s cause they know how to land. A switchback said one 80 so once you learn this chick, you’re going to learn to look straight down at your landing and land on your tail spread evenly across your snowboard.

So what features can you do? A fun side three on? You can do them on the flat ground. You can do them on rollers, many jumps, cut, upside hits, medium jumps, big jumps and there are tons of variations of this trick. The easiest and most natural grabs for front side threes I think are indie grabs steal fish. And you can tweak this one out tail grabs because your hand just follows as you’re spinning.

Now it’s easier to grab without back in because your front shoulder is leading the spin but you can definitely grab with your front hand something like melon cause that’s going to open up that shoulder. Now a more advanced grab with this trick would be nose grabs or mute grabs because that stops your shoulders from rotating.

You can also bring the front three to the rails. So you can do a front side 360 out of a 50 50 you can do front side 360 caps where you tap your nose on something. You can frontside 270 onto a rail, which feels exactly like a fun side three 60 it has the same exact setup. And then of course you have your bigger spins, front side 540 fun side, 720 and fund side 900 and beyond that. Now you can also do a tow side, front side 360 as you can see here.

But we’re going to save that for another trick tip because that’s a completely different trick. So that’s it. That’s the front side, 360 it’s one of the most fun tricks you can do on a snowboard and it’s a building block for everything else that you want to do. Go out there, learn to switch back. So 180 as I said, I know a lot of people are going to skip that, so I’m going to tell you right now, go do it. Then follow these tips and you’re going to rock that front side three, go out there, learn the front side, 360 let me know what you want to see next. That’s all for now. Peace out shredder.

I know this trick today was a bit advanced in be glossed over some of the pre-recs like the Ali front side, 180 switchbacks, 180 butter and graphs. If you want to learn the step by step process to master all of these tricks starting from the very beginning to go from carving to killing it from bunny slope to backflips and from strapping in for the very first time to a true shredder. We’ve got it all laid out for you in a step by step process.

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Peace out shredder.

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