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How to Strap Into A Snowboard - The Right Way


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Don’t make these fatal 5 most common snowboarding gear mistakes.

Your gear needs to be right or the mountain will eat you alive. In this video we go over the 5 most common gear mistakes and what you should be doing to make sure your snowboarding loadout is in top notch shape fore safely shredding.

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How to Strap Into a Snowboard

snowboard bindings

What up trader today, we’re out here beautiful day Keystone resort. And we’re going to shoot. How does shopping on your snowboard now, even if you’ve been sorted for awhile, we’re going to make sure you get it completely dialed in. So you’re riding is as going to get, can be, and you’re not making any mistakes out there with your straps or anything like that. So first things first, if I’m shopping here and my boy’s in the ground, I’m usually going to put it upside down.

Now, the reason for that is if we’re on a steep Hill and I accidentally kicked my board and it’s on the base, it could go flying down the whole mountain. I’m sure you’ve probably seen it. It’s like a torpedo. So we don’t want our silver to be a torque show. So just flip those bindings while you’re waiting around for your friends to shop in, pull upside down, when you’re ready, we’re going to flip it over.

Now, if you’re on a Hill, make sure you’ve got a good hold on this. So it doesn’t go flying. So I’m usually just going to grab my high back with my left hand.

And the first thing that would do is just open up that high back. I’m going to scrape out the snow, open up the Scots, and then I’m also going to scrape the snow of my boot. And it’s just going to make sure there’s nothing in between my boot and the binding. I want a flush fit there when my heel, the whole way back to the heel cup. And I want the straps tight on my boot. So we’re going to do that right now.

All right. So I’m just going to open up these Scouts and then I should just kick my heel back, make sure it’s from in the heel cup. Once I do that, I’m going to put on my heel shot. First. Some people like to go toe shop heel shop, And we’re just going to crank this the whole way down.

It should feel pretty tight, but not so tight that you have foot pain. Next we’re going to go toe shot right over the corner of the toe thing I like to use is see the seam. That means the seam of your boots should be right in the middle of this toast shot. That’s how you know, you have your toes cap placed properly.

Now all the time I see people put on their toes shots are halfway down the run and their toe shots floating around up here. So you got to crank this thing down, make sure you can see the seam and it’s on the actual toolbox of the boot.

All right. So that’s finding number one shop. Now you can have your snow pants over the high back. Well, you can have them inside the high back. Doesn’t matter. You can do either one. Some people have a personal preference. I usually just do whatever happens. So that’s going to be the front foot shop here.

We always in the shop, our front foot in first. And that’s because if we have to ride one foot after this, we want to shop in the proper foot. Next we’re going to go for our back foot. So there’s two ways of shopping your back foot. You can sit down, which is what most beginners are going to do and why I’d recommend if you’re just learning snowboard. And that way you can scrape off your boot, scrape out the biding and get that proper fit.

Now, if you’ve been so many for awhile, you can just find a flat spot at the top of the mountain and you can stop in standing up. No, what are the nice flat lift here? You can see the lift back there. Lot of times, there’s going to be a little bit more a Hill. So when there’s a little bit more of a Hill, we want to actually print our toe edge towards the downhill of the mountain. And then we’re going to kick our heels into the center.

Just like that. And so that’s actually going to create a little shelf where we can stop in standing up. And once you get really good, you might even start to drift down the mountain while you’re shot again. But it doesn’t matter by the time you’re moving. You just turn and go.


Gear Tutorial: Getting On Your Snowboard Properly

So we’re going to go stand the dog off the boat.

So now we’re strapped in and ready to go. Just make sure we both feel tight. Sometimes I’m rolling into the snow and rolling into a jump line. I’m just going to crank these down. Keep the gut loose on the left. Make sure, totally shopped in, especially for basketball, hookup, a jump. So we are good to go here. Now, one thing I want to teach you is, you know, one of the biggest telltale signs of a beginner snowboarder is they’re just slow in everything.

They take forever to do anything, which is it’s not horrible. But when you start to ride with people who are more advanced than you, you’re going to want to speed things up. And so one of the easiest ways to do this, it’s just the way that you strap it. If you watch consumer orders or people that toured everyday, you shopping like mania, they’re fat, they’re so fast.

Way to do this is the first, when we entered this toll ladder into the buckle, we can push that buckled the whole way down. That toll lot. We don’t have to ratchet every single ratchet on there, which is what I see a lot of beginners doing. So let’s take a look at what I’m going to do. The slow one first, we’ll show you a slow ratchet and then we’re going to do a fast ratchet. You’ll see you do.

That’s what I see a lot of beginners do. And now, so notice you can also ratchet the whole thing, but you do big rashes. You got just the whole way back. Don’t be afraid to give it some strength. So that’s the medium way. And then the past day just crank it the whole way down, branch it once or twice.

That’s the old should take a look at it with the toe, the whole way down, crank it. And you’re good to go turn drop in. Let’s shred it. That’s all for today. Let’s how the strappy and on your sill boards, basic fundamental, but very necessary to learn the proper way.

Let us know what you think in the comments is that helpful? Can you just jump in task is full right now and don’t forget to like subscribe to the channel. We’re going to be giving away a sticker pack and a free enrollment to shred school for somebody who likes this video and comments down below. All you have to do is comment. At the end of the week, we’re going to pick one winner to give away that price. Go ahead, do it now. Get out there, get on the snow. That’s often Lake sounds better.

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