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5 Most Common Snowboarding Gear Mistakes


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Whattup Shredder?

Don’t make these fatal 5 most common snowboarding gear mistakes.

Your gear needs to be right or the mountain will eat you alive. In this video we go over the 5 most common gear mistakes and what you should be doing to make sure your snowboarding loadout is in top notch shape fore safely shredding.

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Snowboarding Gear Mistake 1: Buying the Wrong Snowboard

Off season

Christian: (00:00)
What our shredder today, we’re talking about five year mistakes that are the most common mistakes. We see people making, no, you don’t move the term deeper will soon enough. So let’s just get into it before we do that. Go ahead. Subscribe to the channel hinder right now. It’s going to make sure you never missed a video.

Christian: (00:24)
Five plus common gear, mistakes. Number one is buying the wrong snowboard. Have you ever seen somebody ripping the part on the split board? That would be a poor, boring choice. So we want to make sure depending on her riding style or body weight there, we’re getting the right support for us. You know, so if you are a 65 below the waist to 20, you don’t want to be riding the snowboard. If you’re Jimmy rails in the park, you don’t want him to run the store to find out the right store to buy. Go ahead and just check out the video. We’ll link to it below how to buy the right snowboard.

Snowboarding Gear Mistake 2: Wearing the Wrong Boots

Ben: (00:54)
State number two, buying way too big of boots. The most common mistake that I see is people buying boots. They’re too big for them because they want to be comfortable. Um, if you think about the action of snowboarding and how much energy you’re putting down through your feet to your board, you really want that boot to fit as precise as possible. So, you know, do your research kind of know what flex and feel you’re going for out of the boot and then go in and try the boot on, uh, buying boots online. That’s one of the toughest things. Uh, it’s a very low success rate for people doing that. So you can’t get in the store, dressed the staff and go with what you like. And remember the boots only gonna get bigger from there.

Snowboarding Gear Mistake 3: Whack Stances

Christian: (01:30)
Mistake number three, we got lack stances. Now, one of the biggest things I’ve ever seen was somebody pushing through the lift line instead of buckling their boots, they actually took their foot out of their boot and they were pushing in their sock. It doesn’t really have to do a stance is I just keep really talking about black things and I’ll bring that up because it’s one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen, but lacks CNCS. And we’re going to see like pitch and toes. That’s where your feet face in towards one another. We’re going to see stances that are way too wide. So we’ll see like a little kid running at 32, which stands or way too narrow. So you see like a huge guy hiding in a 17 inch stance. I mean, that’s kind of the, uh, Scott [inaudible], it’s got a little different. So that’s the other thing my watch stands is it depends on what time period we’re in and it’s always changing. You know, I know some people hate on Shaun white so much cause he kinda rides like this, but it works for him.
Christian: (02:22)
The biggest thing about why stance is for you, it’s figuring out the right stance that works for your riding style. You just don’t want to have a wide stance for you.

Ben: (02:29)
Yeah. Make sure you’re being an ambassador of good while you’re out there. If you do. So see somebody with these really kooky stances, don’t laugh at them. Don’t make fun of them. Just point them to the cheers rental shop or you know, the driver on the Hill. If you think they have the confidence to make their own adjustments, don’t make fun of these people, help them out. And uh, just remember that we were all there once.

Christian: (02:48)
Yeah. Especially if they’re ultra beginners and they’re trying their hardest to learn how to snowboard and you just look at their stance and it’s this wide, then there’s no way anybody can learn to snore that way, help them out, set them on the right path. And a couple of years you might see them

Snowboarding Gear Mistake 4: Wearing the Wrong Outerwear

Number four is wearing wrong outerwear out here. We see a lot of Texas tech CEOs come on for spring break here in Colorado. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the Texas tuxedo, we’re talking full down top to bottom jacket pants, not great waterproofing, not really good ski or snowboard attire. So as much as they feel at home, they’re probably also feeling pretty wet, not uncomfortable. So we’re going to talk a little bit about what is the right gear to ride on Hill. So any ski and snowboard shops you walk into, uh, should be readily familiar with information on waterproofing and breathability. We’re just going to kind of give you a little bit of that nitty gritty info. So you’re armed when you walk into the store, just so you’ve got some confusing numbers here, right on the left side, you can see 15 K on the right side, 15 K the left side is going to refer to the waterproofing and the right side is going to refer to the breathability. Um, so the waterproofing is how much water can actually pass through this gear in Colorado. We typically have drier snow. So a 10 or 15 K and up you’re typically going to be all right. If you get into like the Northwest where they have some really wet, heavy snow, that’s when you’re going to want to start looking at 20 K up all the way up to four texts there at the top kind of setting the standard for blood waterproofing can do.

Christian: (04:17)
Yeah. So depending on where you live the country of the world, make sure your outerwear is just waterproof enough that you’re not coming home completely soaked every day. Even if you’re out of the Whistler, can’t really help you out. Cause it just rates and mistake.

Snowboarding Gear Mistake 5: Goggle Mistakes

Number five, we’ve got goggle mistakes, which there are many that you want to give us the biggest Goggle stick out there or at least the most infamous.

Ben: (04:39)
Yeah, I think the gaper gap is what you’re referring to. It might not affect the way you’re riding the most, but it will affect who hangs out with you, who wants to be around you and really just your overall success on the mill and in life.

Christian: (04:52)
Yeah. If you want to have any self esteem at all, you got to hear. I think I can’t forget all jokes aside. There are some serious Goggle infections that will ruin your goggles and make you have a bad time out there so you to tell us the real deal.

Ben: (05:03)
Yeah. One of the biggest mistakes that I ever see is just people they’ll ride all day on their goggles and then they’ll just throw them either into the riding bag or God forbid leave them in their car overnight. And then you’re going to get a layer of fog between the two lenses. Um, that’s really hard to take care of, um, because this is a two lens system kind of think about, you know, the outer one kind of battling off all those harsher temperatures and then inner lens to kind of combat the heat, coming off your face without that inner lens or without that gap in there, this would just fog up immediately. So what the most common mistake I see is people wear these, leave them in the writing bag and then there’ll be moisture that kind of develops between the two lenses. You’re going to have a bad time. If this happens, it’s really tough to kind of, um, deal with, if you do end up doing this, the best I can recommend is if you have another lens, swap that out, give that a shot. If you don’t have that option, you know, go into the lodge, maybe put it under the dryer. If you’re on the chair, let’s keep it close to your core and kind of try and melt that fog away.

Christian: (06:05)
And then a lot of people, they just kinda don’t realize how fragile this lens is. So what can we do to avoid scratches and putting on these goggles? And we can’t even see anything because it’s just covered.

Ben: (06:15)
Yeah. So goggles, storage and maintenance, uh, when you’re not actively using them is a huge part of, you know, keeping this Goggle nice. So what I recommend is every goggles should come with a Goggle bag. You can use that, keep it in your pocket for maintenance. You know, you don’t want to really scratch that lens. The inner lens you want to touch as little as possible. This has an anti-fog coating, um, too rigorous of a movement on there. We’ll just immediately remove that Antifa coding. And you’re going to kind of destroy the most important.

Christian: (06:42)
Yes. Sometimes you will get some of their goggles and you see them just going after it. What are, what are you instead if we do fill up our time?

Ben: (06:49)
Yeah. Well with all the new tech out there, you know, it’s not that difficult to ride the two lenses. So always if you can, if you can afford this luxury kind of air-dry it, tap it out the best you can. If you’re running your glove on the inside, you can see how that’s just to destroy that lens. When we’re talking about Goggle maintenance, I said, most of your goggles are going to come with that nice Goggle bag to keep them in, but that’s a lot of material for any pocket. So what I recommend is the Goggle sock. Um, it’s a really cool product it’s made out of recycled plastic water bottles. So it’s good for the environment. And I think we all can agree. We love skiing and snowboarding. So anything we can do to help the environment now is a great move. So the Goggle sock is simply piece like this stretches over the lens, breaks down easily into the pocket. These are sold everywhere. Um, make sure you pick one up. It’s a great way to extend the life of that product.

Christian: (07:43)
So that’s the five biggest gear mistakes that people make. Before we wrap up, we got to give a bonus, shout out to our friend team money trends. And the first time that we went snorted with tread, it was probably 10 degrees outside. And we drove to the mountains. We stayed in the condo overnight and we’d go out to get to the mountain. The next day we find out that Trent has left his snowboard boots and gloves and everything else in the 10th degree car overnights.

Ben: (08:09)
Now, if you think you’re a tough guy and you’re just like, Oh, whatever, I’ll warm it up throughout the day. A lot of this material is really, really hard to get back up to that comfortable temperature. If you leave, um, you know, your food liners are one that if there’s any dampness in here, that’s gonna, that’s gonna ruin your whole next day. Your feet are going to be freezing. You’re not going to have a good time. Same thing with that fog between the lenses on the goggles, all of this stuff is really, really avoidable. You just gotta use your brain like strength.

Christian: (08:37)
Sure. Take care of that gear. Remember to bring in aside tonight, dry it out, make sure it’s nice and toasty for the next day and have a much better time. So this is the five biggest some States by new wanting to summarize and count them down.

Ben: (08:48)
Yeah. So buying ground board two big boots, wet stances on the bindings, remember be kind of help these people,

Christian: (08:56)
The right outerwear, if you want to avoid that Texas tuxedo and then Goggle make sense.

Christian: (09:01)
Yeah. The five mistakes. If you can avoid those, you’re gonna have a much better time than the mountain. You’re going to be comfortable. You’re going to be warm and you can go out there and tread it. That’s overlaid

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