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K2 Clicker X-HB Bindings Review

Whattup Shredder?

Step in snowboard bindings are back in a big way with the K2 Clicker X-HB Boots and Bindings made with anti-stick coating so you don’t have to worry about powder or ice getting stuck in your binding. But do step in bindings really perform?

I personally am not about to hit an 80 foot park booter without something strapped to my feet, but if you’re looking for an easy solution to avoid sitting down, or you’re trying to convert your skier friends, the Clicker X-HB could be a great solution.

Are K2 Clicker Binding’s Worth it?

What up Shredder today, we’re bringing in our gear and expert to give you an exclusive for a view of the clicker ex HB binding.

Now, back in my day in the early two thousands, when I was coming up in the snowboard world, clickers just started to get popular. They kind of faded out. I think they just weren’t quite there yet. In the last couple of years, we’ve seen a resurgence in clicker, bottom from K2, from burden. And this is pretty much the cutting edge technology when it comes to step in binding.

So here’s a person who just can’t be bothered with ratcheting down that strap. And you just want to step in and go. I know someone recently said they’re quitting snowboarding because there’s too much sitting.

Now. This person probably needs quick bodies cause they don’t want to bend over and strap in. This is going to make it easier. We’re going to break it down. How this work is it safe? Can you hit jumps and do a double cork quicker bindings? And should you switch to a strapless botany? Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel. Hit notification, give smash that like button let’s do it.

K2 Clicker X-HB Binding Review

Shutter just like young Christian said, we’re gonna talk to you about the clicker X HB today, a new for the 20, 20, 20, 21 season. We’re gonna kind of break it down, show you how to Mount this up and show you how to get in and get rolling. First things first, we’ve got to Mount this up. It’s going to be like any other board out there. You can see we’ve got base plate covers. So you’re going to want to hear a number three screwdriver just to take that cover off.

Like, so now we’ve got our disc here. You can see the holes on the side. So this is compatible with a burden EST, the channel system. Um, but we’re going to Mount it onto a traditional four hole pattern right here now. So like any other board just got to get our degrees and our reference to it.

Just like that couple of minutes. We’ve got our bindings mounted. They knocked on like any other snowboard binding, obviously no stress. So we’re going to show you how this interface works. So if you look at your toe plate and your heel here, this is going to be toe in heel down. And now we’ve got the boot to kind of show you how that interface works. So recess cleats.

So as you’re walking in these, they feel really, uh, like a natural boot. You don’t feel the metal scraping or anything. Uh, the boot itself is designed with natural. So this is a really natural lateral field. Um, it helps with, uh, turning, makes it feel just like any other snowboard binding out there.

So as we’re getting in, we make sure that our lever is released. Start with our toe. As you pull up, it brings that Keela for clean, easy beliefs. Now you don’t need to hold that up as you’re going back in. As long as you get your toe in place, you hear that snap back down, and then you just want to make sure you’re turning that. So you don’t get released as you’re riding and you’re in and ready to go. Just jump right in.

So I always have people asking me, what dial do I start with? What do I do one second here? So once your foot is in comfortably, all kinds of use that side dial, make sure that’s engaged. That’s going to pull that Condit ship tight around any bolt and lock that heel in place. So you don’t see anything turning. Cause that side dial is all internal. Then we have our teachers

Tighten that down once you’re nice and snug power strap and you’re locked in to go. So now we can see just how easy this is. The use. Make sure you loose. It starts with that toe. If you can get that. So in square And just like that, we’re locked in. So you can see I’ve got regular movement from snowboarding without the straps where the dilemma of having to sit down and strap in.

K2 Clicker X-HB Binding Review

Once you get your front foot in, we’ll just go into our back here. And we’re in really, really easy to make sure you’re locked. So you’re not going to release. You can see that natural flex that you get out of this. It feels just like any other two strap binding and we’ve got ourselves locked in there.

So to get out, start at the back foot as you pull that, it’s going to release you release them.

Yeah, toes out. So if you look at the hook, it kind of goes to a point there. So as long as you’re lining that up and you’re totally.

And that’s where you get that, you’ll tell responsiveness, if you’re all about ease and snowboarding, you don’t want to lace up your boots. You don’t want to do your straps. You don’t want to do any of that. Kind of got it all solved for you here in the Mesa.

So I took the number one selling boot in the world, but in the Macy’s and made it for this new system. Uh, I swear by it. I mean, I had my doubts, like Christian said, there was a lot of clicker in the early two thousands when we were getting into snowboarding and it left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouth. This is successively funds my palette of the clickers.

So let’s stop, sorry, just too much to bear in life. And you want that fast action treading, no sitting down required. Maybe it’s time to check out the K2 clicker, binding clicker, XHB clicker X, H P the latest renovation in the clicker world. And what kind of price point are you looking at for these just around?

K2 Clicker X-HB Binding Review

So that’s another great question, Christian, since this is a new product, it’s not backwards compatible with those clicker stuff. So really if you’re buying these boots, you’re buying these bindings also. And I think the package deal comes in around 600 bucks. Okay. So you’re going to need.

The boots and the bindings, and that’s going to make sure you never have to strap in and they work together seamlessly and you’re going to be good to go with those clicker ex HB, where can people pick up there.

Right now? They’re landing at stores. Um, if you’re in the Rockies area, I believe Kristi sport’s got them in, uh, Eva. They should be available at some online retailers as well.

Yeah. So go check them out. Any last words of wisdom?

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