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Whattup Shredder?

Ok, you already know how to get off the lift on a snowboard, but what happens when you go a little further with one foot, or try to make a turn and you slip out? Today we’re talking about how to actually carve with one foot on a snowboard WITHOUT slipping out.

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Snowboarding Tutorial: Carving with One Foot

I would say the stump, what up shredder today? We’re talking about how to ride one foot and not only that, but how to actually stop and not spin out because we all know when you get going one foot in and you’re out of control. It’s pretty terrifying. You don’t want that Lake flying off and you know, twisting around or doing anything like that.

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Brian, one foot down this slope. No, the keys and not getting out of control one foot and not spinning out of control is never one. Try not to do anything crazy. Like you’re riding off. Lift, just go straight until you stop. Now, if you’re going down a slope and you can’t just go straight, what we want to do is you want to put all of our weight on our front foot and what’s us.

That’s going to allow us to not depend on the foot. That’s not shopped in. So we’re basically gonna use the foot that has shopped in for almost all of the control and all of the weight. We’re going to keep that foot weighted and that’s gonna allow us to not spin out. Cause that foot is shopped in that foot has control of the snowboard. This back foot does not have control of the snowboard.

So when you’re putting it here, it’s all slippery. When you’re pushing down, you’re trying to curve, it’s going to be really difficult to get the control that you’re looking for. Now, number one, we can get a stomp pad. That’s going to make things a little bit easier if you don’t have a stomp pad. Don’t worry.

First thing we want to do is don’t make too many turns. If you can just go heel side. So we’re just going to go straight. We’re going to do a little hillside check, which I’m going to show you in a minute and we’re gonna go back to straight. And then he gets, it’s easier to get back to straight from a hillside, with one foot shopped in that it is to come back from a tow side. It’s just more difficult. Now, if you want to get really good at it, as you just saw, you can carve the whole way down the mountain.

One foot. It’s not impossible. The way that we do that, as we keep all of our weight on this front foot, and then we’re going to take our back foot. We’re just going to press the ball of our back foot, into the board really hard. And then when we’re making that turn, keep your hips and your body weight over this front foot.

But to get that board to swing around, you push into the back foot. Now, unlike if you’re shopped in, you don’t shift all your weight back there, or are you going to slide out your foot is going to sign off the board. So just kind of keep that weight up here and just use that back foot like a rudder. It’s not taking any of the control or the weight. You’re just using it to get that edge to kick out a little bit.

Now don’t be drastic in your turns. Don’t go too fast, make small little cars back to straight. Try not to get out of control. And again, if all else fails, just go straight, heel side, straight keel side, or you know, just lie down on your back if you’re out of control. So we’re going to go see if we can do a little bomb D hillside bomb to hillside to show you what to do when you get going a little too fast without sliding out.

Now again, if you shift that weight to your back foot, you’re going to slide out in circles. Don’t do it. Keep it on the front foot. Use this back foot as a rider, and you’re going to be good to go. Let’s go check it out.

Let’s keep it all right here. And you are good to go. You’re not going to go out of control again. The minutes that you shift your weight to this.

That’s what it’s going to slip out and you’re going to spin out, keep it on there, but I’m going to go bomb this Hill one footage. That’s one footage weight on the front foot. He’s the backbone as a rudder don’t weight. It that’s overlay piece out shredder.

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