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It’s Christian from Shred School.

You know those things you know you’re supposed to be doing, because they’re good for you… but you just can’t get yourself to do them…  like eating vegetables at every meal, putting away your phone a couple hours before bed… or practicing your switch backside 180’s.

Yes, that’s right, the switch backside 180 is the “Eating vegetables” of snowboard training. It’s a foundational move that is the key to amazing frontside 360’s, 720’s and switch backside 5’s, yet almost no shredder consistently practices the trick.

The good news is, just like vegetables, it’s an acquired taste, and once you start to dial in your switch backside 180, you’ll love doing it, and the rest of your riding will get so much better. It’s even been described as “the gateway trick” 

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The Snowboard Switch Backside 180

christian ollie

Switch backside 180. I bet some of you are going to tune out right now. I don’t know why more people don’t love the sw backside 180.

It’s one of the most fun tricks ever. Since the day I saw Devon Walsh float one of a whistler cliff in Forum’s first movie, The Resistance, one of the greatest videos ever made, it’s been talked about in my group of friends as a trick that commands respect. 

Before you get started on this one, you should be able to ride a switch, and have your backside 180’s dialed in. 

How to do a BS 180 While Riding Switch

To do the swbs 180, take a heel to toe approach up to the jump. As you’re riding up the jump, stare straight down at your toes, and keep your edge straight. Focus on getting a good pop, and standing up tall as you takeoff. Don’t bend over at the waist. 

You want to favor your back foot here. The #1 mistake I see people make it to put their body weight over their front foot, which is usually their back foot riding regular.

Practice your switch ollies, and make sure you use your tail to pop.

Pop off your toes as you take off and turn your shoulders backside, staring straight down at the ground.

It helps to reach down and grab indy. Remember, your body weight stays over the back foot, not the front.

If you lean too far in to your front foot, you’ll wash out in the backseat when you land.

Focus on landing just like you would a fs 360, staring straight down at your tail, looking up the mountain.

Once you stomp the trick open your shoulders to the landing so you can see.

You’ll notice that pretty much this entire trick is blind.

I stare at my feet the entire time and just focus on maintaining upright posture. 

It’s really a pretty simple trick. It doesn’t even feel like you’re spinning. It almost feels like a blind straight air once you take off. 

Switch BS 180 Trick Tips

This is a great trick to try on a side hit before taking it to a jump. 

You can also do this with pretty much any grab you want. I like indy nosebone, but you can do switch melon, switch method, really whatever you want. 

Use a heel to toe approach, stare straight down at your feet the entire time, focus on a straight line off the takeoff, keep upright posture, and stare straight down at your back foot to land. Once you’re on the ground, look up, ride away and go eat your vegetables.

That’s the swbs 180, a super fun trick that you should do every time you go to the mountain if you want amazing frontside 360s, swbs 540s and the admiration of your friends. 

That’s all for today.

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