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How Long Does It Take To Learn To Snowboard?

If you’re wondering how hard is it to snowboard, how long does it takes, or what’s the fastest way to learn how to snowboard, you’re in the right place.

I learned to snowboard in 1997 the day after Christmas, after walking down the stairs on Christmas morning and seeing the greatest sight of my life under the Christmas tree.

It was a Burton Chopper 122, and from that day on, I was hooked. But… the first 2 days, I still fell so many times I was covered in bruises.

And if you’re never snowboarded before, I hate to break it to you, but there is a small “pain period” involved.

How Long Does It Take To Learn To Snowboarding For Beginners?

Why is Snowboarding so Hard?

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There is a general rule in how long does it take to snowboard for beginners? It takes 2 to 3 days of pain to start snowboarding and to learn to control your edges on your snowboard, and you can have fun for the rest of your life.

In the first 2 to 3 days of learning to snowboard as a beginner, you will fall on your hips, wrists, butt, and even your face, quite a lot. It can be a frustrating, cold, and painful experience and you might wonder, should I just give up and stick to skiing?

And the answer is NO, absolutely not. Just because you think skiing is easier than snowboarding, does not mean you should be a skier. Just because you wonder, why is snowboarding so hard, does not mean it’s time to give up.

The best things in life require effort, and with snowboarding, that effort is at least 2 to 3 days of not having as much fun so you can be cool the rest of your life.

Here are the 5 things you can do to learn to snowboarding at home!

How Hard is it to Snowboard?

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Three days after learning how to snowboard in Pennsylvania, I was hitting jumps, and doing frontside 180’s off moguls. Meanwhile, my friends were jealous I was getting all the chicks while they lugged around their skis and poles, and clunked down the hallway in ski boots.

It did help that I already knew how to ski before learning to snowboard, but even if you’ve never been on the mountain, you can make significant “beginner gains” in just a few days.

And lucky for you, if you’re wondering how long it takes to learn how to snowboard, I have a few tips to speed up the process.

Wonderin’ how hard it is to snowboard? check out this post!

5 Best Tips to Learn How to Snowboard Fast as a Beginner

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1. Wear protective gear such as wrist guards, butt pads and a helmet to protect yourself so you don’t quit before you get to the fun part of snowboarding

2. Get a snowboard instructor. You can see how much it costs here. If you can’t afford on mountain lessons, come check out Shred School and learn how to get a year’s worth of snowboard lessons for less than the cost of a half day lesson.

3. Dress warmly. Wear proper base layers, outerwear, and gear so you can stay warm, and have fun

4. Go with friends. Learning to snowboard with friends will be more fun than going by yourself and keep you interested long enough to get past the pain period.

5. Celebrate your wins. Whether it’s the first time you successfully got of the lift or your first toeside carve, you need to celebrate your progress no matter how small.

6. Checkout our beginner to backflip period that takes you through, step by step, exactly how to go from complete beginner to as advanced a rider as you want with practice exercises, examples, and off season training.

How long does it take to learn to snowboard?

It takes two to three days to start snowboarding, to learn the basics of standing up, getting off the lift, heelside and toeside turns, stopping, and how to fall.

Once you get that part down, you won’t exactly be Shaun White, but you’ll know enough to go out with your friends and have fun.

From there, your progress depends on how much effort you put in. If you want to get twice as good in half the time, checkout Shred School.

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