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Can I Teach Myself to Snowboard?

Yes, you can teach yourself to snowboard. 

However, if you want to save years of time and thousands of dollars in hospital bills, you should find proper training like beginner snowboard lessons, online snowboard tutorials, or a private snowboard coach.

Snowboarding for beginners is definitely more than jumping on a board and cruising down the mountain.

For those of you wondering “Can I teach myself to snowboard?”

You can teach yourself to snowboard. The problem is time and money. How long do you have and how much money do you have to practice?

Trips to the mountain can cost a lot. Plus there is the issue of missing work or school.

Learning snowboarding alone will stretch out your time to learn and end up costing you way more than a coach in the long run.

There are so many things you need to learn, but it’s  possible to teach yourself snowboarding.

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Can I Teach Myself To Snowboard?

Can I Learn to Snowboard in a Day?

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Yes, it depends on your definition of snowboarding but you can learn in a day if your definition is being able to stand up and slide down a hill.

With Snowboarding beginners, often they are in a hurry to get out there and start doing backflips the first day.

The beginners will often ask “Can I learn to snowboard in a day?”

The answer is, yes, but no. You can learn to get on a snowboard and go forwards and ride around the mountain in a day.

You can learn to snowboard fast with these five steps.

However, if you want to learn how to become advanced enough to the tricks that will impress your friends, it will take a while longer. 

Your skills will need to have a level of progression that builds on previous experience and tricks. Some tricks will be the foundation for more advanced tricks.

If you want to learn to snowboard in a day, you are probably wanting to look like you know what you are doing before you get on the mountain. 

Going out there and feeling your way through snowboarding isn’t going to accomplish much. Having a coach go out there and teach you in person will hold you back as well. 

A traditional in-person coach will teach you just enough to make you feel like you are learning. 

However, those coaches won’t teach you as much as you could learn, because otherwise, you wouldn’t keep coming back to them. Sucks huh?

There is another option to give you the ability to go to the mountain and know exactly what you are doing. If you join Shred School and follow the video lessons, you’ll learn how to snowboard before you ever hit the snow. 

This will allow you to focus your efforts on practicing the skills you learned online, instead of getting stuck just trying to strap into your snowboard.

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How Long Do I Need to Learn Snowboarding?

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The short answer is that you need to spend as long as it takes to learn snowboarding, but it depends if you are trying to learn to simply move down the mountain in one piece or do professional tricks.

The question on every eager new snowboarder’s mind is “How long do I need to learn snowboarding?” The truth is that it just depends.

Trying to learn snowboarding yourself by watching youtube videos or practicing on your own will take many years and a lot of money for trips to the mountain.

You’ll be able to play around on the mountain and ride down it fairly quickly, but you will spend a portion of your time in the hospital or tending a broken ankle if you try anything advanced.

If you have an private snowboard coach it can be cut down to a few years of training each season, and a large amount of money spent on trips and coaches.

Thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of training. If you live in an area that has year-round snow, you might be able to learn snowboarding in a year or two.

For most of us that have to travel and take off work, it will take us much longer to learn.

Don’t you wish there was a hack to decrease the amount of time it takes to learn snowboarding?

Well, there is good news. You can learn ahead of time with Shred School’s online snowboarding training program. It takes you through each step you need to know to get you from beginner to backflip in one season.

The benefit of learning online is that you already know what to practice when you do get to the mountain.

This helps you focus on the right things and make the most of your trip. Another benefit is not having to pay ridiculous training fees for something that’s only going to teach you a little at a time so you have to keep coming back.

With Shred School, you get access to everything for less than the price of one lesson with a traditional coach. This will allow you to learn to snowboard in record time and get feedback from our coaches without having to be embarassed while you are out on a trip.

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Can I Snowboard Without Lessons?

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Yes. If you want to know if you can snowboard without lessons, the answer is yes. Can you snowboard safely without lessons? No.

It doesn’t take rocket science to put on some gear and kick off a slope, but knowing how to do it without ending up in the emergency room is a different story. Everything from what kind of gear you need to how to stand on the board can determine if you end up in a caste or not.

Besides getting hurt, you probably don’t want to look like an idiot in front of seasoned snowboarders. Snowboarders make fun of people that try to teach themselves and make mistakes.

They call them “Gapers” because of the gap on their forehead between their helmet and their eyes. It’s a joke about the improper use of gear and knowledge. You don’t want to go to the mountain without some sort of training and risk looking like a dork.

The truth is that you need lessons to learn to snowboard safely and in a reasonable length of time. The problem is when you have to hire a traditional in-person coach that costs hundreds of dollars.

The traditional coach that meets you on the mountain and gives you lessons could cost thousands of dollars over the course of a few seasons. They have an incentive to slow your rate of progress, so they can get more money.

Even if you choose to go the route of a traditional coach you should also be learning online. Taking online snowboarding lessons can give you all the knowledge you need before you ever get on the mountain.

This will help you make the most of your expensive snowboarding trips and enjoy your time on the mountain. Online lessons are great because you can train in the off-season or whenever you have freetime.

If you want to access to the best online snowboarding lessons, check out Shred School. Shred School also doubles as a traditional coach because you can send them videos of your tricks and they will critique your style as you progress.

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