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It’s Christian from Shred School. 

Once you start to learn one or two 540’s, you’re going to want to learn all of them. I made the mistake of only learning to spin one way for years. I would only do backside and cab 540s, pulling a real zoolander, and only spinning one way,  and in doing so I was neglecting one of the most fun tricks, the fs 540.

It’s a great setup trick if you want to do a switch trick afterwards, and it’s the stepping stone to fs 720s and frontside 900s. 

Let’s get into it. 

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The Snowboard FS 540

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Contrary to popular rhetoric on youtube, the fs 540 is not a frontside 360 with a frontside 180 at the end.

It’s more like a frontside 180 into a switch backside 360, which means, if you want to have  great frontside 540s, you need to practice 3 tricks. The

If you have those three dialed in, you’re going to have no problem stomping fs 540s.

Meanwhile your friends will be washing out, unable to ride away switch, because they haven’t put the proper building blocks in place.

The Frontside 540 Tutorial

For the fs 540, you’re going to want to go a little bit faster than you would for a fs 360 so you can scrub some speed off the jump. We’re going to take a bit sharper toe to heel approach to build momentum, and at the same time, wind up our arms, pulling both arms back as we ride up the jump on our heels. Lean slightly harder on your heels than you would with a frontside 360, but be sure to keep your body weight over your board. 

At the top of the lip, throw your arms around, and pop HARD off your back foot.

You’re going to see the same effect we see on a fs 360 where your shoulders will turn significantly before you take off…

But your legs stay straight off the lip. Do this by bending the back leg and straightening the front, and trying hard to hold it straight edge off the lip while your shoulders turn. 

Once you’re in the air, your body weight is going to mimic that of a swbs 360.

You can see here that on a frontside 360, at 270 degrees your weight is going to be over your back foot to get ready to land.

The big difference is that on a frontside 540, your body weight will be over your front foot in the air at 270, so you can come around to land switch without going tail heavy. 

I like to throw my body weight a bit more forward off the jump than I would on a 360 to achieve this weight distribution. 

After you pop, Pull your board up to your grabbing hand. Indy, melon, stalefish and mute all work great for this trick.  

Wait to grab your board until you’re at least 180, so you can get the spin around If you grab before that, it might stall you out before you have a chance to get your momentum in motion.

By now, you can see the landing. 

This is an open landing, which means, as soon as you get to around 270 degrees and grab, you can see the full landing for the remainder of the trick. Tweak that grab and hold on. 

Start to open up at around 450 degrees and extend your legs to land.

If you’ve practiced your swbs360s, this will be easy, If you haven’t you’ll probably wash out or under or over rotate.

Your shoulders will make it to 540 before your legs do, so simply let your legs unwind the rest of the way while coming down to the landing.

Try to land flat based or slightly toe edged here to keep your speed up for the next trick.

FS 540 Trick Tips

Once you get really good at these, Start to cork it out a bit after you get it down by dipping your shoulder. Corking the spin actually makes it easier to get around, it turns into one smooth motion. 

That’s it, the frontside 540. One and a half spins, taking off regular, and landing switch. Take a toe to heel approach, wind up, pop off the back foot, get your body weight over your front foot in the air, lead with the shoulders, finish with the legs… and most of all. Practice those switch backside 360’s ahead of time!

Once you’ve got it dialed, cork it out and let us know how it goes. 

That’s all for today.

Peace out shredder.

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