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It’s Christian from Shred School.

So you want to learn how to switch backside 540 on a snowboard?

DO you want to be an average shredder or the kind of ripper who goes where few men and women have gone before? That’s the question you have to ask yourself for today’s video, because sure, you could learn the tricks that everyone cares about…

The backflip…

The tamedog…

Maybe even a 360 or two.

But search almost any beginner to intermediate park trick on youtube, and there is an endless amount of tutorials promising to teach you how to do the trick… That is, except for this trick.

Today, we’re covering a trick that is a key trick to being a well-rounded rider who doesn’t ignore their weaknesses. It’s a trick that you’ll love once you learn it, and one that almost none of your friends will learn.

There are ZERO tutorials from the usual players on YouTube for this trick. The trick, is the switch backside 540.

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The Snowboard Switch BS 540

Ok, the switch backside 540, the last 540 I learned. I just woke up one day and realized my life was incomplete because I could only spin 3 out of 4 ways on a snowboard, so I finally decided to do something about it. 

Like every trick, I’m going to be straight with you. This trick is very simple IF and only if you have mastered the fundamentals.

For this trick, you’ll want to know how to 

  • Switch backside 180, as the approach and takeoff is exactly the same 
  • Frontside 360 as the spin and the landing is exactly the same 
  • Backside 540 so you understand the axis to spin on 

This trick should feel exactly like a switch backside 180 into a frontside 360. If you can do those two tricks, you can do the swbs540. 

how to backside 360

The Switch Backside 540 Tutorial

We’re going to take a heel to toe approach in to the jump, coming in switch on our heels on the left side if we’re regular, and riding up the jump on our toes. 

Open your shoulder up on the heelside carve for a counter rotation, and then swing your front shoulder closed as you go up the lip. 

For most of us, this is going to feel extremely blind. You have to trust yourself on this one.

Look down at your toes, keep a straight line off the jump, maintain upright posture, and pop hard. As soon as I leave the lip, I like to pick my feet up into my chest a bit for the grab.

Remember not to grab too early or you’ll slow down the spin.  I like to grab switch indy on this, but I initially learned it with a switch mute or a switch melon. Switch nose works well too, and so does switch stalefish. Pretty much all the grabs are great for backside 540s. 

We’re going to keep our axis such that at 270 degrees, our weight is over our front foot to set ourselves up at the right angle for the landing. By front foot, I mean your switch front foot, this would be your back foot riding regular, so for me, halfway through the spin, my body weight is over my right foot since I’m regular. 

At 270 you should be able to see the landing for the remainder of the trick, and coming down to stomp it will feel exactly like a frontside 360

Put your tail down to land, look up the landing until you’re on the ground, then open up your shoulders to see where you’re riding out. 

The most common thing that goes wrong on this trick is since you’re riding up the lip blind, some riders panic on the takeoff and prespin, or bend at the waist and put their hands in the snow. Just remember to hold a straight line, stand up tall and pop

You have to trust the blind takeoff, and you’ll be good. 

Switch BS 540 Trick Tips

This trick is a favorite of backcountry riders all over the world, but it works great on park jumps, and even side hits. 

If you’ve made it this far, seriously, I commend you. Most people will never learn the swbs540 in their lives.

But, it’s not that hard… 

If Bob Burnquist can do this on a skateboard, you can do it on a snowboard with your feet attached.  Just practice the basic building blocks, work your way up and you got this. 

One more tip. We tend to avoid the tricks that we don’t practice, to think they’re harder than the other tricks. If you’ve struggled with the swbs 540, I would ask you, how many times have you tried?

Go find a small safe jump and try it 50 times in a row, and I can almost guarantee you’ll like the trick by the end. If you’ve tried it less than 10 times in the last year, this trick is going to feel super awkward and you’ll avoid it like the pandemic. 

That’s it, the switch backside 540, it’s one and a half spins riding off the jump switch and landing regularly. It feels just like a switch backside 180 into a frontside 360.

Practice your fundamentals, take a heel to toe approach, wind up, stand up tall, pop, pick your legs up into your chest and spot the landing exactly like a frontside 360.

Ride away and go rub it in your friends faces that you can do a trick that they can’t.

That’s all for today. 

Peace out shredder

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