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Keystone Early-Season Terrain Park Tour (Worth it?)


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Whattup Shredder?

Wondering what the early season snowboarding terrain park at keystone resort in CO looks like? We give you a personal tour in today’s video so you can decide if it’s worth it.

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Keystone Park Tour

What up shredder we’re out here at Keystone resort. And if you’re wondering where’s the best early season park right now, we don’t have the answer, but we do have the answer as to what is in Keystone’s early season parks. So Ben, we’re going to go take a lap through there right now, but you want to walk us through a couple of the features? Yeah. It’s a great kind of entry level park for the season. Uh, featuring mostly rails and boxes.

We got pants four bucks, you know, a whole lot of features. So we’ll see if we can make it. It’s still early season, a little rough

It was a nice little dance, Florida. Get your, get loose on. Uh, and then you got a little flat down box with a short down. Um, we’ve got, uh, Oh, there’s a whole lot of features. We’re going to go ahead and do a drive by through there so you guys can see what it’s all about. ESL. We’re still getting our shred legs back, but we’re going to see if we can stick a line through there also got a brand new board and a little de-tune on my edges, right? Not enough.

You’re boring. Old trick to the park, eating sticky, stick in there. I don’t know if it’s me or the features, but overall everything’s pretty smooth right now. It’s not bogged down. I success for Thea bank. And the next one you guys are straight on.

All right, trader. So one of the best things about early season writing that is that there’s still side hits and you can still catch air, even though not that much it’s open. You just have to be a little creative looking for it. So different into the trees. Find places where the run dips in and then dips back out and you can usually find huge kickers. So we’re going to go see a bed, can catch some air off of this jump. Let me, let me show you what we’re working with.

Doing board size of the park. I’m like, definitely don’t want to catch, play till edge. So maybe we’ll stick to some tail presses. Some nose passes, maybe 50, 50, one 80 out. See we get going in there, but the lesson, we, it again, it’s like 10 degrees out. So I’m going to put the camera away and let’s laugh to that park. So you can see Keystone’s early season terrain.

Hi, shredder, snots, Keystone, early season park. As you can see it, it’s better than pretty much anything else that’s out there right now. So if you’re already crap and you’re craving up park, get up here, shred these rails. You’ve got enough to get your adrenaline going. Get that heart rate going. Am I need to work on my cardio? That’s offered late. Really? She’s a parks, Keystone FITO, shutter.

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