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Snowboard Practice Starts At Home… If You Wait Until You’re On The Mountain, You’re Already Too Late. You Need To Develop What’s Called “Mental Muscle Memory” Which Can Be Done Year Round, 24/7/365 IF You Have The Right Resources.

In 6th Grade, I had a crush on a girl.
She told my close friend -

"if you land this
trick, I'll give you a kiss...

I could tell you that this was the moment I knew there was something to this snowboard thing, but the truth is I fell in love with snowboarding the very first time I strapped in.

I mean I was obsessed. It’s all I could think about. My room was covered in snowboard posters. I spent my time watching snowboard videos,

But I still couldn’t do a method… and my friend got the kiss, not me. 

how to switch carve

In fact, my friend made fun of my snowboard skills... and got the girl.

Life really isn't fair sometimes.

Shortly after that, someone told me I should “Get a coach,” if I wanted to get better and I scoffed at them.  

“Snowboarders don’t get coaching,” I thought. I’m a “soul shredder.” I don’t train.

How naive I was…

I just thought I would get good at snowboarding by going up to the mountain and “winging it,” and maybe watch a couple random YouTube videos while I’m at it.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work…

Despite my love for snowboarding,
I used to be so bad that i fell and broke
my back in front of EVERYONE I know...

I’m not joking. One year I worked up the courage to enter a big air contest at my home mountain Tussey Mountain in Central Pennsylvania (it’s amazing what a pretty girl can inspire you to do).

My grandparents were there, my parents, all of my friends, and yes, another girl that I had a crush on.

The only problem was, when I dropped in to hit the jump, I fell directly on to my back on the knuckle… I scooted off to the side of the jump and sat there until the contest was over. Forget the physical pain, I was humiliated.

christian wreck

That's me, about to break my back in front of everyone I know

Forget the physical pain, I was humiliated...

christian new snowboarder

A bruised lung, bruised kidney and THREE broken bones in my back. I f***ed up!

I finally tried to get up and realized I couldn’t walk. I sat down on my snowboard as the sun was setting and rode it like a sled down to the lodge to watch the award ceremony. Somehow I made it in to my Mom’s mini van and headed home. That night in my room, After crawling across my room to get to the bathroom, I finally sucked up my pride and asked my mom to take me to the hospital. I just couldn’t walk. Turns out I had bruised my lung, bruised my kidney and broke three bones in my back. I f***ed up!

I knew something had to change. Now.

I couldn’t go on with trial and error, trying to keep up with the crew, and injuring myself trying to impress everyone. I had to figure this snowboard thing out.

I was experiencing what ALL snowboarders who are stuck experience. (does this sound like you?)

And I'm pretty sure my Mom was tired of taking me to the hospital because I was too prideful to get help with my snowboarding.

Fast forward and I’m listening to an interview with Shaun White talking about his COACH. 

At the time, this guy was on top, he was the holder of the most medals, the most winning snowboarder in history. 

And he has a COACH?! What does he have to learn from someone else? Isn’t snowboarding about personal expression anyway? 

shaun white

But I thought, hey, if Shaun White has a plan to get better, how can I be beyond using a little structure in my snowboarding. 

I realized I could still have fun, even if I had a plan. 

Tha’ts when I realized that everything comes down to training….

shaun white

Even these guys needs a little help getting better at snowboarding

Fast Forward a couple of years, and I'm standing on top of the podium

after WINNING the CBS collegiate nationals in snowboard slope style. I even got a big check

So WHAT changed?

contest winner check
That’s me 😁, standing on the podium with a very large check.
I realized that if I wanted to get better at snowboarding, I couldn’t leave it up to luck or watching random YouTube videos in random order

And So I Came Up With A Plan and EVERYTHING started to Change.

Shooting With Oakley

Oakley flew me out to Mt. Hood to do photo shoots

Flight, room, board, gear, new goggles, new outerwear, lift tickets, and High Cascade Snowboard Camp ALL paid for. 

Shooting With Oakley
japan trip

Companies Wanted To Sponsor Me as an endorsement athlete

I started getting featured as a team rider on snowboard websites, receiving big boxes of free gear in the mail, and having more snowboard gear than I knew what to do with. 

friends funny

I started traveling all over the country with my friends to ride in competitions

From Utah to Tahoe to Whistler and All Over Colorado, I started To hone my chops on mountain ranges all over North America. 

friends funny

Getting checks, winning contests and having the time of my life

More Free gear, more excitement, and more progress in snowboarding than I had ever made in my life. One year I rode 180 days out of the year, and truly discovered the key to great snowboarding. 

national TV

And showing up on National TV!

My family back east threw a watch party when I won the collegiate nationals and showed up on CBS, one of the most watched TV channels in the country! This was beyond anything I ever could have imagined. 

national TV

Most People Who Love Shred School Have These Problems When It Comes To Snowboarding...

You invest a lot to snowboard, the cost to get equipment, to buy passes, the effort to get to the mountain.

Don’t you deserve to have the most fun possible AND Quit wasting time with trial and error, stop worrying about keeping up with the crew, and start getting a clear path to shred mastery.

We’ll make it happen with EdShreds.Com snowboard school where national champions, industry leaders who have worked for brands like Burton and K2 and sponsored riders show you everything they know.

From absolute beginner to seasoned ripper, we’ve got you covered. 

Whether you get to the mountain once a week, or only once a year, we have a training regemin that will work for you YEAR ROUND. 

If there's ONE thing I could go back in a
time machine and tell my previous self

about how to get GREAT at snowboarding it's this:

DON'T wait until You're ON The Mountain to start training

Progress Starts In The Offseason...

Progress starts in the offseason, over the summer, at home at your laptop before going on your trip, on your phone on the drive up to the mountain.

If you wait until you’re actually ON the mountain to figure out how to get started, stomp that next trick, or progress your riding, you’ve already lost

You need to develop what’s called “mental muscle memory” which can be done year round, 24/7/365 IF you have the right resources. 

get better at snowboarding

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Meet Your Coaches

Christian, our CEO and lead coach

learn to snowboard

Snowboarding has given me best friends, it’s given me adventure and travel, purpose, flow states, my mental and physical health, significant others, time in nature, something to look forward to and much much more.

I want to pass my love for snowboarding on to others and help them safely and quickly progress to they can experience the same benefits that i have, and feel what it feels like to show up and have your friends rally around you and ask “when did you get so good?”

Ben, our resident gear expert, Head of K2 Demo Tour, Shred School Coach

Seen here featured in an Arapahoe Basin ad on the side of a bus, Ben has deep industry experience as a sales rep for companies like Burton, K2, Goggle Socks and many others.

He’s traveled all over the country running demo fleets, and ridden just about every kind of board you can imagine. Not only that, but it’s been said that Ben “surfs the mountain” finding side hits, drops, and features anywhere they can be found. One of the most creative and fun snowboarders ever, Ben is your go to guy to ask about gear or industry questions.


Alex, former team rider for Forum, Special Blend, Shred School Coach

From riding the contest circuit, to being sponsored by Forum and Special Blend, working in a snowboard shop, and riding everything from handrails to park jumps to sending it all mountain, Al has 20 years experience riding anything and everything and charging it every step of the way.

Dan, our video editor, sometimes filmer and all around shredder!

Dan Shred School

While we use archival footage  in a lot of our videos to show you a wide array of scenarios where a trick is performed, we also shoot new video. Any of the footage that looks amazing, is well edited, and is clearly done by a pro is Dan. It took years to find a filmer and editor who truly understood snowboarding, and was passionate about teaching the world to shred, and who can ALSO shred with the best of them. Shred School wouldn’t be possible without our editor Dan. 

Join Shred School To Learn From Our 100+ Years Combined Experience

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how to backside handplant
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