How to do Snowboard Tricks

4 Tips on How to do Snowboard Tricks

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How to do Snowboard Tricks

Learn How to Ollie on a Snowboard

christian ollie

The “ollie” is the foundation of almost all snowboard tricks. The ollie is how we “jump” on a snowboard, using the power of the tail of our snowboard to propel us into the air.

It’s not like a normal jump on your feet, it is very specific to board sports, and is how skateboarders fly through the air even though the board isn’t attached to their feet.

If you take the time to learn how to ollie properly, it is going to make every other snowboard trick 10x easier.

You can learn to ollie on flat ground, off rollers, and even on your living room carpet. The general idea is you move your hips over the back of your snowboard while jumping with both legs, allowing your tail to “spring” you into the air.

As soon as you’re in the air, suck your back foot up to be level with your front foot, and float back down to the ground.

To learn the ollie on a snowboard with a step by step tutorial, check out the video below.

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Learn How to Ride Switch

how to ride switch on a snowboard

Most tricks on a snowboard require you to either spin, revent, swivel, butter, roll, or any combination. Don’t worry if you don’t know what these words mean.

The important thing to note is, most snowboard tricks require you to learn how to ride switch.

The thing is, most beginner snowboarders try to learn the trick first, without knowing how to ride away switch. You can imagine this results in a lot of falls and painful slams.

If you learn how to ride a switch first, then any trick you try with a switch takeoff or landing will be all the much easier.

Plus, learning how to ride switch is a trick in its own right, that will make you feel like you’ve conquered snowboarding all over again.

Learn the Best Beginner Tricks to Try


Learning how to do snowboard tricks is all about learning tricks in the right order, and staying just at the edge of your abilities.

If the trick you try is too hard, or you’re not ready for it, you might end up hurting yourself. If the tricks are too easy, you’re not going to have that much fun.

A great trick to learn once you’ve mastered the ollie and riding switch is the frontside 180 on a snowboard.

This trick puts the two together, and combines an ollie, with riding away switch. It’s also a building block to learning 360’s, butters, and more.

Remember, the more building blocks you have in your bag of tricks, the faster you can learn every other trick.

The frontside 180 is a 180 degree spin, meaning half of a 360, where you start out riding regular, spin halfway around with your front facing down the mountain, and ride away switch.

It’s best to carve on your heelside edge across the slope, ollie while at the same time turning your shoulders frontside, and ride away switch.

Once you master the frontside 180, you can conquer the backside 180 ollie, which is another 180, but this time you’re spinning in the opposite direction.

What makes this trick so difficult is instead of seeing your landing the entire time, this time you have a “blind landing.”

These 10 steps process will help you get good at snowboarding fast!

Learn How to Fall on a Snowboard

When learning to do tricks on a snowboard, it’s not if, but when you fall. And the answer to that is pretty much every time you try a new trick.

The good news is, falling on a snowboard doesn’t have to be painful, and best of all, we’re falling on snow, not concrete like on a skateboard, or on rocks, like on a mountain bike. You’ve got it easy as a snowboarder!

The key to learning how to fall without getting hurt on a snowboard is understanding the most common things that go wrong, and the most common injuries in snowboarding.

For example, most beginner snowboarders stick out their arms to catch their fall and end up breaking a wrist.

If you learn to tuck your arms in when you fall, you can avoid this common snowboard injury.

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So How do you Learn to Do Tricks on a Snowboard?

First, learn to ollie. Then, learn to ride switch. Combine these two, and you can learn to do frontside and backside 180s.

Once you have all those tricks dialed, you can start “stacking tricks,” and learn anything you want.

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