Backside lipslide

How to BS Lipslide on a Snowboard

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How to BS Lipslide on a Snowboard


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What up Shredder?

It’s Christian from Shred School.

You know you’re not a beginner anymore when you’re throwing around terms like backlip.

Built on the back of some of the basics, the backside lipslide is a more advanced trick, with more advanced consequences.

The good news is, once you have the building blocks, you’ll have no problem adding this trick to your arsenal. That’s what you’re going to learn today.

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The Beginner's Snowboard BS Lipslide

rail sliding

The backside lipslide, also called a “back lip” is when you approach a rail on your heelside edge, bring your back foot up and over the rail, and land in what looks like a frontside boardslide.

It’s actually a mix between a backside 50-50 and a frontside boardslide, as you approach and ollie exactly as you would for a backside 50-50, and you slide the rail exactly as you would in a frontside boardslide.

If you haven’t checked out those tutorials yet, I recommend you do it now.

Like I said, the backlip is a more advanced trick, and if you see someone doing it, you can pretty much assume they have a deep bag of tricks, and at least partially know what theyr’e doing on a snowboard.

Soon, that person will be you. 

The Snowboard BS Lipslide Tutorial

To do the back lip, ride up to the rail, with the rail behind you slightly on your heel edge, and slightly pointed towards the rail. 

We want to make a triangle with our approach, the rail and the distance between the two. In other words, point your nose towards the end of the rail, and leave a slight gap between you and the rail so you have room to ollie up without hitting your tail on the way up.

That’s the hard part about this trick. You need to ollie straight up, wait for your tail to clear the rail, and at the very last second, turn 90 degree backside, and land in a frontside boardslide position.

I literally Pretend I’m going to do a backside 50-50, and then change my mind just as I’m landing on the rail.

You can even land in a backside 50-50 the first couple tries and swivel it around to a backside lipslide for practice.

When you’re landing on the rail and ready to turn, push in to your front foot, and kick out your backfoot. The more you can focus on turning a full 90 degrees here, the less likely you are to catch an edge.

Push your board in to the rail to “catch the rail” and avoid going over the other side, which is what a lot of newbies do. You might want to lean to the “inside of the rail” to really lock it in. 

Look to the end of the rail either under or over your armpit.

You’ll use counter rotation here with your legs turning under you, and your arms staying parallel with the rail, especially if you want to come back to regular.

Stay flat on your base at the angle of the rail, come of the end and turn your legs back to land.

Advanced Snowboard BS Lisplide Trick Tips

You can also do this trick to fakie, although it’s going to be a little more blind. 

This trick is great to try on a down rail, as it’s easier to get up and over the rail as it drops away under you. 

It also works well on a C rail or box, as you can push in to your nose to stay on the ruce, and is super fun on wallrides.

Once you’ve mastered the back lip, try bringing it the whole way around, 270 out, or pretzel out the other direction. 

That’s the backside lipslide, also called a backlip, It’s a combination of the approach of a backside 50-50 and the slide of a frontside boardslide.

Ollie up and over the rail, push in to your front foot to catch the rail and lock in. Slide it to the end, give a little pop off and turn your legs back to regular.

Give it a try on a wallride, or C rail, and welcome to the club of advanced shredders. 

If you’re having trouble with it, practice your backside 50-50s and your frontside boardslides, and you’ll master the backside lipslide in no time. 

That’s all for today. 

Peace out shredder

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