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What up shredder… 

It’s Christian From shred school 

Are you one of those snowboarders… who’s been riding for 2 years, 5 years even ten years… 

I can 100% handle like any terrain or conditions and the hardest slopes on the mountain with confidence and ease.

Park features still scare the hell out of you. 

I mean, if you’re like a lot of snowboarders, even Even tiny flat boxes that are level with the ground incite a full on a panic attack.

Jumps are the same way.

It’s really frustrating because you want to be able to shred in the park with your friends. you just can’t get past the mental hurtle.

If this is you, we’re going to break down 5 foundational skills for beginner snowboard tricks that’s going to have you going from “i need an ice pack,” to “let’s do another run through the park.

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Snowboarding Tutorial for Beginners

girl standing

Ok, let’s get you park ready, so the next time you show up to the mountain, your friends ask you “when did you get so good.” 

If you’re still skeptical, let me tell you this. ANYONE can learn basic park tricks if they start small and work their way up, even you.

What you have to remember is that ALL snowboard tricks are built on a foundation of fundamentals. 

The more you master those fundamentals, the easier the tricks get and the less you fall.

Beginner Snowboarding Skill #1: Carving

Skill #1 is… Carvin. And I don’t mean swiveling around your back goot, or learning how to stop. I mean actually learning how to hold a straight edge in the snow, and perform long drawn carves.

Focusing on your carving technique is going to help you Hold an edge up the halfpipe wall, up a jump or up to a rail. 

Focus on keeping your shoulders in line with your snowboard rather than counter rotating. You can even pretend that you are holding a piece of string connected to your nose and tail with each hand to keep your shoulders parallel to your snowboard. 

The stronger your carve, the more speed you can hold going into a feature, and the more control you’ll have on the landing.

Beginner Snowboarding Skill #2: Speed Check

Skill #2 is The speed check – unlike a long drawn out carve, the speed check uses counter rotation, meaning your board turns the opposite way of your shoulders, with a quick kick of the back foot to “check your speed,” i.e. cut a little speed on the way up to a feature without dramatically altering your line in.

This is essential because park features usually require getting the speed perfect. You can come in with some extra heat and cut speed at the last minute. 

  • Quick sliding turns on the way up to a box, rail or jump to adjust your speed last minute

Beginner Snowboarding Skill #3: Riding Switch

Skill #3 is Riding switch. Getting into the habit of riding switch every time you go to the mountain is going to make every single freestyle trick easier. You’ll be able to do 180s, land backward, hit features switch, butter and on and on.

Without this skill you are severely limited in what tricks you can do.

Beginner Snowboarding Skill #4: Butters

Skill #4 is Butters. Butter involves pressing over your nose or tail, usually with a 180 in and a 180 or 360 out. This trick is perfect practice for spins off jump, advanced edge control in the park and learning to press on boxes and rails.

The key is to shift your hips over the side of the board you want to press, and always keep your downhill edge up to prevent catching an edge.

Beginner Snowboarding Skill #5: Ollies

Skill #5 is The Ollie, the foundational trick for just about every park trick there is. Learning how to properly use the built in pop of your snowboard is key to sending it off kickers, making it up onto rails, and riding the mountain like a skatepark.

Snowboarding for Beginners

Lastly bonus I have a bonus skill for you. It’s the ability to make Incremental progress , what I call progressive trick stacking.

What this means is you learn tricks in proper order, and master the fundamentals before moving on to harder tricks.

It means baby steps, and instead of heading straight to the big jumps, you start small and work your way up.

Instead of trying to send a 540 off your biggest park jump, you take the time to learn proper switch backside 180s.

You learn tricks over and over on the smallest box before stepping up to a rail.

Your willingness to start small, take baby steps and work your way up is key to consistent injury free progress.

So that’s it, 5 crucial skills every snowboarder needs to learn beginner snowboard tricks.

We’ve got carving, speed checks, riding switch, butters, the ollie, and last but not least progressive trick stacking i.e. baby steps.

Go out there, give these 5 skills a shot, and don’t forget to check out Shred School if you want in depth tutorials on everything we talked about today.

That’s all for today, peace out shredder. 

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