10 Weird Snowboard Tricks

Top 10 Weird and Advanced Snowboard Tricks

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5 Skills for Beginner Snowboard Tricks


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What up shredder?

It’s Christian from shred school. 

Once you start to master some of the basics and even some more intermediate and advanced tricks, it’s time to get weird. 

And that’s the cool thing about snowboarding is there’s endless possibilities. 

You can never be as good as your potential is, and there’s always new tricks to learn. It’s kind of like golf, but for young people. 

So today we’re going to talk about 10 weird advanced snowboard tricks to try this weekend. You’re gonna make sure you never miss a video. 

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1: The Snowboard Tail Tap BS 180

So the first trick is the tail tap backside 180. This is a super fun trick because there’s a reversal of momentum. You shift to your board front side, tap your tail off the object, and it spins you the other way. It’s kind of like a windup top or something.

Go out there, find a sign, a tree, a log, a gym, whatever you need and approach it. Front side, turn your shoulders backside in the air. Tap that tail and spin out and land switch chick.

2: The Snowboard Tail Tap Out of a Rail

Number two is another tail tap. It’s the tail tap out of a rail. 

Not exactly sure what this one is called, but it feels super cool. And it’s that same reversal of momentum that we had in that tail tap back. So an 80, I like to do this one the other way. So while we do a tail tap backside, one 80, I’m going to do this trick on a rail front side.

So I like to pop into a no slide, lean heavily on your nose. And just as you’re about to come out, pop up that nose, tap the tail by turning your board backside and then spin front side out of the trick. Again, it feels super cool reversing that momentum and people will kind of be like, wait, what, what did he just do?

3: Mark Frank Montoya (MFM) Cab 360

Trick number three is what I call the MFM cab 360 named after Mark Frank Montoya. Now, if you’re not old enough to know who that is, he is one of the most stylish snowboarders ever. And he used to be a big name back in the day, but he would do flat ground tricks and he popularized some of the weirder stuff that we see out there. Lay. So the MFM cab three is really where instead of just doing a switch three 60, you’re leaning heavily into the tip and tail of your snowboard and you’re exaggerating those movements.

So come in, switch, pop off your tail land on your nose and just try to exaggerate the flex of your board. Just like you’re on a skateboard and you’re pivoting around on the wheels.

4: The Snowboard Miller Flip

Number four, we have a Miller flip made popular on a skateboard.

This is like a front side invert to fakie and a vert ramp. But on a snowboard, we have to do this over an obstacle, usually a spine. So the Miller foot, you’re going to come up on your heel side edge, and you’re almost going to do a back flip over the rail. 

And you’re going to throw that front hand down right in the middle. The key to the Miller foot is commitment. If you bail out halfway you’re to get hurt. And since we’re doing this over a rail, it’s going to hurt a lot more than the snow. So just coming hillside, it’s a mix between that front three and a back flip.

Put your hand down in the mail to throw yourself back to your feet and ride away. Clean trick.

5: Snowboard Team Dog Off A Knuckle, Rail, or Box

Number five is the team dog off a knuckle, a rail or a box. 

So sure. It’s cool to be able to tame dog out in the power of a jump, but can you do it where it’s least expected? So the cool thing about this is if you mess up on the first jump in a park line, you can actually tame dog off the knuckle and your friends are watching from the top. 

They thought you were done cause you didn’t land your first trick. And there you go front flipping into the landing. People love this one. It’s not too hard. If you can tame dog off a jump and it’s going to up your skills in the eyes of everyone around you.

6: Snowboard Double Shifty 360

Trick number six is the double shifty, either 360 or 540.

This one makes you a little dizzy. But what we’re going to do is we’re going to do a usual five 40, but we’re going to throw in two shifts. 

These checks are going to show, throw in a shifty the way that you’re spinning at first, and then you’re going to bring it back the opposite way. It’s a reversal in the air. So kind of like those tail taps, but we get that unwind happening while we’re spinning. 

You also have to keep track of where you are in the spin, but this one is super fun. And again, it’s one of those tricks that people are just going to stop and say, wait, what

7: Snowboard Disaster Rails, or Gap Rails

Trick number seven, we have what is called a disaster or a gap onto a rail. So sure you can. Boardslide a kink trail, or you can just skip the whole first half of the rail and land on the very last piece.

We call that a disaster. What you want to do for disaster is just get your speed up and make sure that you may get past the kink. Because if you land in the middle, all your momentum’s going to stop and you’re going to get fucked. So good way to do this is you can practice airing over the side of the rail

And once you know you have your speed, right, then we’re just going to launch right onto that last piece of the rail. Since we aren’t hitting any kinks on the way out, we just got to keep our balance on that one piece. And then we’ll land on the snow. It’s not too different from hitting a jump trick.

8: Snowboard Fence Ollie

Number eight, we have the fence ollie so it’s cool to be able to all eat on flat ground off side hits off rulers. 

But once you’ve got that dialed in, it’s time to get a little bit rebellious out there.

So the next slow sign you see, maybe you eat up, you ride up to it and you all leap over that sign. Just be sure to keep your nose up or are you going to clip and regret it? This is another one that’s going to make your friends stare and think that dude is crazy.

9: One Foot Snowboard Slides

Number 9, an unconventional one, I have one foot board slides. This one takes some real balance. So you want to make sure you have your tricks dialed in. But if you’re like Alex, here, you can take this to a front side board slide. 

And it looks like, you know, nothing else we’ve ever seen.

10: Snowboard Spray a Skier

why take snowboard lessons

And lastly, 10, we’re going to keep the danger factor high. I have spray a skier. Again, we get into this game where the more risk is involved with a trick, the board adrenaline rush, we get the more excited it makes us.

And the more it pumps our friends up. So be respectful out there. But if the opportunity presents itself and you have some power in front of you and a skier cutting across the run, maybe they’re even your friends, give it a good spray, throw up that rooster tail and high tail it out of there. So that’s it.

Snowboarding Tricks for Advanced

Once you’ve mastered the basic tricks for no longer working on the fundamentals, we can start to get weird with it. The cool thing about snowboarding is you can be creative. You can put your own spin on it. You can do things that nobody has ever seen before.

So these are 10 weird advanced snowboard tricks to go out there and try this weekend.

You can even make up your own versions, put your own spin on it. If so, we’d love to see them throw a link in the comments.

That’s all for today.

Peace out shredder.

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