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Choosing the Right Snowboard Size

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Before hitting the slopes you need to prepare. This means thinking about your outdoor clothing as well as the equipment you will need to invest in to get started. With many snowboarders, it is common to rent before buying and this can help you to get accustomed to the type of board that best fits your goals and needs as a future snowboarder.

There are many things to consider when buying a snowboard and by far the most important is choosing a snowboard with the right measurements. This can make the process a bit cumbersome but it is better to take the time to get this exactly right before you purchase something. Different sizes suit different needs and different body types. 

This article will provide a brief overview of how to choose the right size snowboard for you.

How Long Should A Snowboard Be?

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The length of a snowboard is determined by the height and weight of the user as well as how they want to use the board. How long is a snowboard? The shorter the rider the shorter the board. A common way of measuring is by finding a snowboard that measures as tall as your chin. Anything longer than this will prove to be more of a challenge decreasing your ability to control the board. 

Choosing a board that is any shorter than your chin is recommended for freestyle and park riding. If you think you will be spending most of your time on the mountain shredding power you may prefer a board on the higher end of the spectrum. This would be a board that measures to around your nose.

How Wide Should A Snowboard Be?

The width of your snowboard determines how much room you will have for your bindings and boots. It is typically favored that the tip of your boots should be just slightly over the edge of your board. The manufacturer of the snowboard will usually sell boards with recommended bindings. Depending on the make and model, width will vary so you want to keep in mind the size of your feet. If you have size 16 feet you are going to need a very wide snowboard. But don’t worry, there is a snowboard for every shape and size person. It just takes spending a bit of time with the staff of a snowboard shop to get the measurements right.

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Snowboard Styles

In addition to the size of your board, there are different styles for specific kinds of riding. This is a list of different board styles, each with a tailored experience:

  • All mountain snowboards
  • Freestyle snowboards
  • Freeride snowboards
  • Powder snowboard
  • Splitboards

Aspects such as flexibility, material, and design will all come into play when choosing a snowboard. By looking at the process with an open mind, you will be able to find excitement at the future abilities your new board will provide. Once you have the proper measurements chosen, you just need to enroll in some lessons and start practicing. The more you get out there the better a shredder you will become.

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