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How to Nose Grab, Tail Grab, Japan Air and Method On A Snowboard

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How to Nose Grab, Tail Grab, Japan Air and Method On A Snowboard


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What up shredder? 

Once you get into the basic grabs on a snowboard, it’s time to step up your game.

The more grabs you have in your bag of tricks, the more you can pick the right grab for that new spin you’re learning, express yourself off that side hit, or pick  out the perfect grab for the occasion. 

While I consider indy, mute, melon and stalefish to be the basic grabs, I think a nose grab, tail grab, method and japan are a little harder, mostly because they’re harder to reach.

Today, we’re going to cover the next step up in snowboard grabs

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How to Nose Grab on a Snowboard

One of the cool things about different grabs is they can help you learn other tricks. A backside 360 tail grab and a backside 3 mute feel totally different.

A frontside 7 melon grab and a fs 7 tail are two different tricks, and depending on YOU, one of them might work better for you than another.

And if you’re not ready for spins, don’t worry, learning new grabs is just downright fun.

First up we have the nosegrab. I think this is easier than a tail grab because the shape of the jump helps you to bring the grab up to your hand, and it’s easy to land tail first.

The key here is to keep your shoulders in line with your board, reaching sideways for your nose rather than turning and bending forward.

Bend your front knee deeply to bring your nose up to your face and push down your bag leg once you get a hold of the nose. Hold on tight and float this one the whole way to the landing. 

I like nosegrabs for cab 9’s and backside 7s as they help spin faster. You can also use them when you don’t know what’s in the landing, as you can lay down your tail to absorb whatever you’re landing on. 

How to Tail Grab on a Snowboard

Next we have the tailgrab, which is one of my favorites with a frontside 360. Tailgrabs can be tweaked frontside or backside just like an indy grab. Just be sure not to grab tindy or talefish. Aim for the center of the tail even if you don’t hit it every time. 

Tail Grabs are great for frontside 7’s, and fs 3 and backside 3’s as they keep you on the proper axis to land. 

How to Japan Grab on a Snowboard

Next we have the japan grab, which is a bit of a novelty. Usually used as a backside air, or with a backside 180, in recent years it’s become popular with the backside 720, and even seen in the olympics by Sage Kotsenberg with huge spins. 

The key here is to reach down and grab for mute first, near the front foot inside the binding, with your arm outside the knee.

Once you get a hold of the board, you can bring the board vertical, with the tail pointing towards the ground, and pull back like a method by bending your knees. This is one of the more advanced grabs that exists, and not for those who haven’t learned the basics. It’s also pretty rare to see. 

How to Method Grab on a Snowboard

snowboard jump

Lastly we have the method grab, which is like a melon grab, pulled backwards and tweaked backside. This trick is usually done as a straight air, and not usually done with spins, although it can be done. 

To perform the method, ollie up off the jump, level out and then tweak your board up and kick out your back foot, turning backside towards the landing. Let go, let your body unwind, extend your legs and bring down the landing gear. 

For a full length training on the method, the most iconic grab in snowboarding, check out the method grab training in Shred School.

Method grabs and Japan airs are great for the backside wall of a halfpipe or a backside hip.

The Advanced Snowboard Grabs

That’s it, the level up from the basic grabs. We’ve got the nose grab, tail grab, japan air and method grab. 

Pop off the jump, level out in the air and then go for the grab, don’t rush it.

Remember that nose and tail grabs can help you get your spins around, and the japan and method air are usually, but not always done as straight airs, as they’re hard enough without any spins involved. 

Go try these advanced grabs, and let us know which is your favorite. 

Peace out shredder

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