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Why Take Snowboard Lessons?

The First Step

why take snowboard lessons

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The first step in becoming the pro shredder you’ve always dreamt of is to start practicing. Snowboard lessons are your friend. Trying to be cool and ignoring slope rules will only get you and other boarders hurt. You’re moving to the big leagues now and there are more factors at play than at home or in your backyard. 

Snowboard lessons will be the greatest tool in your arsenal giving you the opportunity to constantly be perfecting your craft. While some lessons are designed to accomplish individual skills there are snowboard basics that cover important details like stance and weight distribution. 

Even the most experienced snowboarders use lessons on an annual basis to get them back in shape and to keep them fresh. Techniques and styles change often so there’s no point staying in the stone ages, you’ll only be playing catch up.


Learning the Snowboard Basics

snowboard jump

Snowboard lessons are an opportunity to put EdShred’s’ online courses into action. Learn simple misconceptions and tips to turn into habits. 

Check out these 5 commonly learned skills offered in a snowboard lesson:


  1. Proper steering: For new snowboarders, it is easy to get into the habit using the upper and lower body to steer. Keep your torso and shoulders still and engage the knees. Test it out by riding with your hands behind your back. 
  2. Weight distribution: Stay aware of how much weight you are putting on each leg. 60% for the front and 40% for the back. This improves carving control.
  3. Ease your turns: Keep your center of gravity low when nearing a turn. Stand up more during and out of the turn. 
  4. Carving: Using the edges of the toe and heel edges of the board. Manipulating these edges will become second nature.
  5. Timing: Actively keeping track of the timing between turns. Counting to yourself will keep you focused and bring you closer to riding like a pro.

Lessons provide a structure and an instructor. This will keep you in check as an instructor will point out what you’re doing wrong and show you how to fix it. They are offered at practically every hill around. The location determines the quality of the snow, crowds, and runs. Some mountains offer terrain parks designated for borders and lessons focusing on trick training. If you have never taken a lesson, join a beginner class. 

why take snowboard lessons

Where to Start

Hitting the slopes is made easier by visiting EdShreds. It gives you total access to a concrete online training program designed to get you out in the snow. Once you have watched the videos and done your home practice, you will confidently make it down the mountain and get a chance to see yourself in action.

A variety of tutorials are made available in our complete program. In addition we offer video footage that is easy to follow along with. Once EdShreds boosts your knowledge and confidence, a time will come for you to start shredding. Snowboard lessons are a necessity for beginner snowboarders and used by professionals to stay sharp. Bring your friends along and start cruisin’ the gnar.

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