10 best snowboard brands

Top 10 Best Snowboard Brands

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Top 10 Best Snowboard Brands

The Best Snowboard Brands

10 best snowboard brands

Having the best brand of snowboard is not necessary to become a great snowboarder but the quality of the board can make or break your shredding experience. After learning new skills you may find it is time for an upgrade. 


Some of the top snowboard brands are actively engaging in technology-driven research and design that has the snowboard business buzzing with new and helpful features. 


From flexibility to comfort, finding the right brand is not so much a choice as it is a journey. This is a list of ten snowboard brands that stand out in aspects of performance and quality.

  1. Burton: Burton has long been the gold standard in the snowboarding community. Having sponsored some of the best snowboarders in the world like Shaun White, Burton is constantly investing in innovation that is increasing performance on all fronts including foam cores and steel edges. 
  2. Rossignol: Often thought of as a ski brand, Rossignol has a history supporting athletes focusing on active lifestyles. Rossignol offers state of the art boars at a range of price points, making it perfect for the first time snowboarder.
  3. Lib Tech: Lib Tech offers admirable and staple design patents like the Magne-Traction edges and the Banana-Rocker shape. Riders feel seen when riding on a Lib Tech snowboard. This company designs boards that are dreamt of.
  4. Arbor: Their eco-friendly ethos has Arbor investing in its technology as well as the environment. They create state of the art snowboards while maintaining a dedication to the planet. They use sustainable materials and are famous for their Power Ply technology. 
  5. Capita: Capita is another company that has a focus on sustainability. They use creativity as a motivator in any new design. Their boards are guaranteed to be powerful and stable no matter the terrain. 
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6. Rome SDS: Rome  Snowboard Design Syndicate has    manufactured a couple of the best boards known in snowboarding history. The Agent and Artifact are durable snowboards that made statements when they were first introduced. These boards are still praised in the community. 

7. Salomon: A company native to the French Alps, Salomon has geared themselves toward all outdoor sports. Simple design and clean lines are a staple of Salomon. Some well-known riders that belong to the Salomon Team are Bode Merrill and Louif Paradis

8. Ride: Another company that is running the game in sustainable gear is Ride. This company was created by snowboarders and strives to keep waste to an absolute minimum. When investing in a Ride board invest in a greener planet.

9. GNU: GNU is considered the weirdos of the snowboard world. Their boards combine outrageous graphics and styles that may differ from other brands. These hand-made boards have blazed the trail in deep carving, sidecuts. 

10. Nitro: Sponsoring riders like Tommy Delago and Sepp Ardelt, Nitro is a great place to find a board of every style. This company solely focuses on the production of snowboards allowing them to hone their craft. 

At EdShreds we recommend doing a bit of research and talking to our experts about the best snowboard brand for you. 

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