How to Snowboard A Double Black Diamond Like a Pro

How to Snowboard Double Black Diamond Like A Pro


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Whattup Shredder?

The double black diamond is typically the most advanced type of run at a ski resort. It’s a completely different type of riding when compared to a groomed run. Today we talk about how to ride a double black diamond on your snowboard.

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How to Snowboard a Double Black Diamond

What up shredder? We’re up here at beautiful copper mountain with the legend, Maddie plain double black diamonds. And today we’re going to teach you how to do the same thing. Let’s get it. All right. So today we’re back when we’re staring up this double black diamond in Matthew and I just got in the lift and we’re riding up and it’s seep train and we see the skier just completely ragdoll in his body’s flipping over. So of course we decide, yes, we’re definitely gonna hit that run. So today we’ll talk to you about how to hit your first double black diamond, because don’t worry about is almost a completely different kind of snowboarding than just carving down the mountain on a groom slope. And that’s because of a couple of things, usually giant moguls, um, variable terrain, like rocks and cliffs, things like that. And then the steepness, it’s usually a lot steeper than the other train you’re used to riding.

I got three tips for you.

Spot Your Line Ahead of Time

Number one is first scope your line as you’re riding up the lift. So if you can see where you’re going to go down from above, that’s going to make it a lot safer. So you don’t accidentally fall off a cliff or go somewhere. You shouldn’t be going. If your line is extreme and you’re jumping over things, or you need to hit a gap, you’re going to see where the takeoff and the landing is so that you can hit that on your way down, because it’s so much harder to see these things on the way down. So tip number one, scope out your line. If possible, watch somebody else hit that terrain and it’s going to help you figure out the flow on the way down.

Using Close Turns With Counter Rotation

Tip number two is we’re gonna use a lot more counter rotation and closed turns. That means our board. Isn’t going to be pointed down the mountain as much as across the mountain in order to control our speed. So we do this by making quick tight turns, finding where a board will go in between rocks and moguls and things like that. And using counter rotation or upper body where upper body might be facing down the mountain, where our board is sideways to control our speed. That way you’re not just going to have runaway speed, go down a huge mobile field or a cliff. Now it’s going to be harder to turn over your edges when you’re doing quick counter rotating turns and your board is across the mountain. So one tip here is to not be afraid to jump. Sometimes there’s too much obstacles in the tray for you to actually make a smooth turn. So if it’s really steep and there’s moguls and rocks and things like that, we can actually use jump turns to control our speed.

Now, along with jumping, sometimes you actually have to jump over the variable terrain. So if you see a line where you can point it out and you have a stopping point, don’t be afraid to just turn that board straight down the mountain, jump into that line and point it out of there. Just make sure you have a place to stop afterwards, and that you have the stability to ride out that line.

Using a Stiffer Board for Double Black Diamond

And then the last tip is this is going to be a lot easier with a little bit of a, of a stiffer board. So I’m writing a high-end park board right now. It’s not reverse camber. It’s not a gym board. It’s not super soft, anything like that. So I can actually charge these bumps. My board is going to do a lot more of the work for me, and I’m not going to loop out and things like that. So if you’re riding a free ride board or a stiffer park board, that’s gonna perform a lot better than a beginner board or gym board or a reverse Canberra board. So that’s a double black diamonds work your way up to it. Learn how to ride moguls and trees first. And then you’re going to step to the double black. So let’s check out this terrain real quick and then we’ll summarize

The Easy Way to Ride Double Black Diamond

So again, we got tip number one, spot your line ahead of time. Tip number two, use close turns with counter rotation in the body so that you can fit into those tight lines and control your speed. Don’t be afraid to point it out of there. And tip three is a lot easier with a board that’s meant to ride this kind of train. Go out there, give your first double black diamond a shot after working your way up. Let me know how it goes in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more content like this, and that’s all for today. Eats out shredder

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