how to tail press and nose press

How to Tail Press and Nose Press On A Snowboard

How to Tail Press and Nose Press On A Snowboard


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What up shredder? 

One of the reasons snowboarding is so much cooler than skiing…. Yeah I said it.

One of the reasons it’s so much cooler than skiing is you can ride both ways, and press both ways, giving you so much room for creativity.

Whether it’s butters, blunts or presses…. There is almost an unlimited number of ways you can use your board to surf the mountain. 

Today, we’re going to talk about one way to spice up your jib game. That means bringing boxes and rails to the next level.

We’re talking about the nose press and tail press. 

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Snowboard Press Tricks

how to tail press and nose press

I think I can tailpress a longer rail than any other trick, it’s kind of my go to for handrails and other jibs where I’m not sure what’s going to happen. 

Tailpresses are cool because you’re setup to absorb anything in front of you on your tail, so if you fall off early on some stairs, or just on to the snow, you’re ready to ride away. 

We’re also going to cover the nosepress, which is the inverse of a tail press, and much harder, with higher consequences, but still pretty easy, at least on a box. 

Now before you jump in to pressing, there are a couple prerequisites.

I recommend you learn to ollie, 50-50 boxes and rails, and even butter, as these presses are pretty much just butters on a rail or a box. 

How to Tail Press on a Snowboard

Let’s start with the tail press first. Find a flat surface, strap it to your snowboard and shift your weight over the back of the snowboard. You can do this at the bottom of the mt or your living room. 

When you shift your hips over your tail, your nose should lift off the ground. If it doesn’t try bending your back leg, straightening your front, stand up straight, and move your weight further over your tail. 

You can even reach your back hand towards the tail of your board. 

Keep your shoulders in line with your snowboard, and keep straight posture. No bending at the wasbit.

Your board only needs to lift a couple inches, you don’t have to do the craziest tail press in the world or anything.

Practice this a couple times and, you’ll quickly learn how far you need to lean to get the board off the ground. 

Try bouncing up and down on the flex a bit to get a feel for where you can find support and stability. The first few times you might have to find your balance point, but eventually you’ll figure out how to jump straight into the balance point. 

You don’t need a super flexible board to do these, but it is easier to get into it on a softer board. If you don’t know the flex  rating of your board… You can go to the mfgs website to check. Typically beginner and jib boards are soft, and all mountain and performance boards are stiffer. 

Typically presses are easier on reverse camber, but you’re fine to do them on a camber board too. 

Once you’re comfortable on the flat ground, go out on a mellow slope and practice the tail press moving.

Next try it on a box that you can ride straight onto. I like to ollie up, level out in the air, and then slam my tail down after I leveled out.

Snowboard Tail Press

If you’ve got that dialed. Try a frontside 5-0 on a rail from the side. 

Scraaaatch.. Wait, fs 5-0? Oh yeah, that’s what it’s called on a skateboard and i tend to call it a 5-0 if it’s on a down rail. 

I actually think this trick is easier on a down rail as the angle of the rail does a lot of the work for you. 

Sometimes I’ll do a small nollie up on to the frontside 5-0 as it throws my weight straight back in to the tailpress, just like it helps to rock forward on your front foot to ollie. 

Lastly, there’s the backside 5-0 with the rail behind you. Make sure you master backside 50-50s before giving this a go.

Once you get to the end of the rail, pop a small ollie off the end, level out in the air, then put down your landing gear. 


Snowboard Tailpress 180

When you have the regular tailpress down, you can do a fs 180 or a backside 180 out by turning your shoulders (but keeping your legs straight) before you get to the end of the rail. Once you see the end of the rail, turn your shoulders and when you snap off the end, your legs will follow.

You can also add a half cab in to the trick with a backside 180 out. Just be sure to learn this trick as a butter first.

Snowboard Nose Press

Next, we have the nose press which is significantly harder than a tail press. When I talked to my editor about the nosepress, he said he wanted to press like Torstein, so we gotta have a shot of that. 

The nose press is the same basic move as a tail press, but your momentum is moving forward over your board. It’s a lot harder to balance and a lot easier to eat shit.

Some things that go wrong:

Fall over the nose. You have to find the perfect balance point, without leaning too far. 

Do like a crooked grind or a noseslide instead of a nose press. Keep your shoulders aligned over your board to avoid turning sideways. 

Remember it’s all about moving your hips over the part of the board where you’re pressing.  

When you make it to the end of the rail, pop a small Nollie out of the nosepress and land flat. 

The nose press is going to be easiest to do on a flat box. Once you’ve got that dialed, it’s actually pretty popular to do a backside nose press on a rail, and I find it to be a little easier than a frontside nosepress, unlike the tailpress where FS is clearly easier. It’s just easier to get my hips over my nose when the rail is behind me. 

Now, Nosepress backside 180 is an awesome trick, one of the coolest feeling things ever and you have to give this a shot once you get nosepresses dialed. 

Snowboard Press Tips

That’s the nosepress and the tailpress. Remember, practice at the bottom of the mountain, or on your living room carpet. Move your hips over the nose or tail, keep your shoulders square with your board, bend the press leg and straighten the other leg. Stay off your edges, keep it flat based, and press it to the very end.

Add some 180’s in and out when you get comfortable, and have fun rubbing it in your skier friends faces. 

Go out there, try some nose and tail presses and Send us a video of your press. Until next time… 

Peace out shredder

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