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How to Cab 540 on a Snowboard

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How to do a Cab 540 on a Snowboard


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It’s Christian from Shred School. 

There are certain jump tricks that are a staple of any park riders repertoire. These are tricks that can be done over any jump at any time, and are often used as a “setup” or safety trick.

It’s not that these tricks aren’t hard, or cool, it’s that they are on the easier side, offer you just enough adrenaline to get pumped up for the next jump, and also an easy landing to setup for your money trick.

Sometimes you’ll use these tricks to warm up on a really big jump.

One of those tricks, is the cab 540, and today, we’re going to break it down. 

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The Beginner's Snowboard Cab 540

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The cab 540, is a switch frontside 540, which means you take off backwards, spin 1 1/2 times and land regular.

Notice that this trick has an “open landing” where we can see the landing, almost for the entire trick. For that reason, some riders call this a safety trick or a setup trick, YOu can see where i use it here to setup for a backside 9. 

Something I like to do is use tricks to build my confidence and adrenaline in a jump line so by the time I get to the hard trick I am at 100% charge mode.

This can help with that. 

Now before you get started, you should learn half cabs, which are just switch frontside 180s, cab 360’s, at least off small jumps, and you should master backside 360s as this trick is essentially just a halfcab to a backside 360s.

I actually think cab 360s are harder than cab 5’s mostly because of the blind/switch landing. And I don’t know many people who can do cab 3’s over big jumps, so don’t worry too much about it. 

Just make sure you have your half cabs and back 3’s dialed in and you can do a cab 5.

The Snowboard Cab 540 Tutorial

We’re going to Come in on your toes on the right side of the jump if you’re regular, and switch to your heels up themiddle of the  jump

Use a small windup depending on the size of the jump, and start to turn your shoulders as you go up the lip. Just like in the FS 3 tutorial, you’re going to keep your legs straight off the jump to avoid scrubbing speed.

It almost feels like you are straightening out your front leg and turning it the other way of your body. 

Keep your body weight over the top of your board, not over your heel edge, Be patient when you pop , and when you reach the end of the lip, Pop off your heels as HARD as you can. 

Your lower body should automatically follow your upper body which has already started turning. 

Throw your head the whole way over your front shoulder so you’re at 270 right off the lip. 

You can see the landing the whole second half of the trick.

If you cork your spin, so you come around 270 learning forward, your stomach almost facing the ground, you can essentially see the landing the entire trick.

Just dip your front shoulder off the lip to give this one some cork.

When you come around past 360, Spot the landing, let go of the grab, and come around just like you would on a backside 360.

 Land slightly on your tail, flat base or slightly on your toe edge. I sometimes make the mistake of landing too heel heavy here, which can scrub your speed for the next jump.

Advanced Snowboard Cab 540 Trick Tips

You can do the cab 5 with all sorts of grabs. Indy, mute, melon and stalefish are all super easy with this trick.

You can even throw in a double shifty with a cast on your arm if you’re feeling it. 

The most common thing that goes wrong with this trick is people either lean too hard in to their heels and don’t have their weight over the top of their board, or spin too early, and the scrub the speed off the lip. 

Make sure you maintain upright posture, and take a straight line off the lip with your heels.

By using counter rotation between your uper body and lower body, you can start this spin on the lip without actually turning your board.

If you have a hard time scrubbing speed on this, go a little faster than usual, and remember, when we’re taking off on our heels, we have to pop with everything we’ve got.

That’s the cab 5, a common setup or safety truck, but also an awesome trick in it’s own right.

It feels super cool over big jumps and sets you up perfectly for what comes next. You can see the landing almost the entire time, and it works with almost any grab you can think of.

Take off with a toe to heel approach, pop hard, grab, spot the landing just like a backside 360 and stomp it.

Practice your half cabs and backsdie 360s and you’ll have no problem with the cab 5. 

Go give it a shot and let us know how it goes. That’s all for today. 

Peace out shredder

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