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Snowboarding Goggle Buying Guide


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Whattup Shredder?

What up shredder? If you are just starting our or even a seasoned pro, you may want to know what goggles are the best for you. It depends on the person and the snowboarding style. This snowboarding goggle buying guide should send you in the right direction.

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Snowboarding Gear Mistake 1: Buying the Wrong Snowboard

Christian: (00:00)
What up shredder, one of the most important things to have snowboarding is a clear line of vision. And you might go out shopping for goggles and look on Amazon and think, why don’t I just buy this $20 pair of goggles? And we’re here today to tell you that’s a horrible idea.

So today we’re gonna break down the Goggle buying guide. We’re going to show you what different features with different lenses you can get and how to pick the best Goggle so that you have the best possible experience. Now, before we get into that, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel, hit notifications and smash that light button

Christian: (00:41)
We’re back. And we got a number of different goggles in front of you and Ben. Our resident gear expert is going to break down how to pick the perfect Goggle for you and how to avoid ruining your day. Like going out there with the cheap goggles and fogging up, or you can’t see out the sides. And then all of a sudden you recognize it’s in your face, off the ground. We don’t want that. So let’s break it down. How do we get the best possible visual experience on the,

Ben: (01:03)
Yeah, so there’s a lot of variables when it comes to finding the right Goggle for you. I kind of break them down into premium versus price point. God was the main difference. There is going to be the lens quality with a premium Goggle. You’re getting an injected lens is actually individual mold for that specific Goggle.

So you can see it’s a, it’s a solid piece. It’s not really soft and flexible versus a price point Goggle, which is going to be more of a flat lens. That’s a thermal formed. Uh, you’re getting a lot more distortion out of that garble versus the injected, which is a really premium optical experience,

Christian: (01:37)
The chief goggles, but they actually just have a big sheet of blends and they just cut them out. Right?

Ben: (01:41)
Yeah. Stamp it. And then it’s thoroughly far formed to fit that lens. Yeah.

Christian: (01:45)
And this one we’re actually going to go ahead and pour it in the bowl just for these goggles and get the best possible thing.

Ben: (01:50)
Yep. Less distortion, less eye fatigue with a price point Goggle. You’re not getting a lot of extra stuff versus a little bit more premium. You get like a set, the injected lens. A lot of the goggles will have like a tri layer or at least dual layer of foam to keep it coffee on your face and also fit a lot more faces.

Um, you know, this is like a, a relatively rigid mold, but with that extra foam, it really conforms to your face. And then you get into things like silicone beading on the, on the strap itself to kind of stick to your goggles. It’s not going to go flying off if you happen to take a tumble. And then, you know, I keep talking about lens quality with most premium goggles, you are going to get two lenses.

So we’ve got the all new RVX here with its quick life lens change technology Swift lock 2.0 here, and then you can see we’re just snapping back in place. Good to go. So having two lenses with the ability to change them on the fly is going to be a really nice feature in your premium goggles.

Christian: (02:50)
Yeah, I know this past year was the first year I rolled with two lenses and I would just look out the window in the morning if it’s a powder day and pop those lenses up, put on my pad lenses. If it’s a sunny part day that I just keep the dark lenses on there to shield my eyes, let me such a difference. It can’t believe a waited that long.

Ben: (03:07)
A lot of people will even ride with their extra lens on them. You know, it comes with a Goggle bag. This is a quick little tip that I do. The pre curves of it almost fits your rib cage. So I’ll actually ride with my extra lens on me. Just make sure you’re keeping it in your dog bag or utilizing your Goggle stock to keep that lens protected. Uh, there’s also a fit and compatibility issue.

Obviously, if you’re buying it in store, if you already have it helmet, take your helmet with you. And then you can try on different goggles to find the right fit. And I’m talking about the right fit is just that seamless interface of how that Goggle fits. You can see there’s not a lot of gapping or spacing here, and then just kind of pick up your goggles and go along and find, see that really, really flushed there with the, [inaudible] got a lady’s Goggle here from electric seat.

Ben: (03:57)
There’s a little bit of a gap in the side. And then we’ve got our Greg and X one, which is going to be kind of someone that [inaudible] really, really flush up top. That’s what you want. You don’t want a big gap with air flowing through there. So that fit and compatibility issue isn’t to be overlooked.

A lot of times brands will make their goggles work specifically with their helmets. And then there’s other brands that don’t even make helmets that just kind of go out and test with all the other top sellers from other brands. You know, if you have the opportunity to try it on and check that compatibility, I’d definitely recommend that.

Christian: (04:30)
Absolutely. And so we are doing some research into this video and we’re figuring out, you know, what really does make the difference in goggles. We watched a couple of comparisons on YouTube and we found out that people would say, yeah, the cheap goggles and actually not bad. The only thing that’s bad about them is the comfort, the fit in the vision. And then they go, wait a minute.

Those are the really only things you’re worried about when you look at goggles. So you can’t look at chief goggles and think, yeah, these were great until you get out of the mountain, you realize you don’t have a full field of vision. All of a sudden your, your vision is kind of pulling in like this, your vision is distorted out the lens. Maybe air is blown into the top of the bottom, cause there’s no mesh on the Goggle. It slides off the helmet. It’s all these little things that really add up to just give you a much worse experience out there. So it’s these little features in the goggles, um, that are just gonna make it so much easier to see they’re going to have a much better time out there.

Ben: (05:17)
Another thing that we noticed were watching these reviews on, uh, let’s just call them gas station goggles was that, you know, a lot of the brands that you see aren’t around for very long, they’re maybe just looking for a quick book and out of the ski snowboard industry. And we really want to support brands that support us back. This might be a little bit personal for me, but I’d say support your local snowboard shopping, get in there and try, and some dogs rather than going to the gas station.

Christian: (05:42)
Yeah, absolutely. Cause we all been to the gas station or the grocery store and we pick up some sunglasses and yeah, we might go on where those for a day or two or a week. And then they usually fall apart and we can’t really see very well anyways, or we can go get that nice pair of fresh new sunglasses and you put them on, can just feel the difference. So it’s going to be the same with goggles, but with goggles, her sunglasses were out there like life or death shredding it. And so I don’t know about you, but I would have taken chances do that. I want the best possible,

Ben: (06:09)
You know, if you want to pay $20 and risk of your life, be your own guests.

Christian: (06:14)
Yeah. So I think our opinion on cheap versus expensive God is pretty clear. It’s one of those things that’s just worth the extra money if you can afford it. Um, I know we missed a couple features when we went through these. So do you want to show us like some of the cooler stuff? Yeah.

Ben: (06:26)
So we covered the lens change on the RVX here with the little lever on the side. You could go with, um, you know, this is [inaudible] and this is going to feature a couple of rare earth, magnets snaps back in place. It doesn’t get much easier. And that comes with, uh, two lenses as well. You know what we’re talking about?

Lens interchange, uh, traditional snap in place lens, you know, a little tip for these guys whenever you’re changing these always just start with the nose piece and then go from there. So it’s really pretty simple. Once you get that nose piece lined up, make sure your frame sitting in, but you can see the struggles kind of real. I’ve done this a hundred times and it’s not going to be any quicker than the Swift lock or the magnet tech from AMA.


Snowboarding Gear Mistake 2: Wearing the Wrong Boots

Ben: (07:13)
So we’re back in place there. And then just give your lens a quick wipe down. Cause you can see my fingerprints are all over it. If you don’t like changing your lens at all, but do you want to lens, does it kind of does everything for you? There’s a couple brands out there doing a photo from photochromic lens.

So you can see this lamp, this yellow lens. It’s not that appealing right off the bat, right? So this is as light as that lens goes. You add a little UV light to this and just in a matter of seconds, you can see that lenses dark hang up. So if you don’t want to change your lenses at all, and you want one lens to rule them all, I recommend that a photochromic lens, which is going to change based on the light that you’re exposed to.

Christian: (07:57)
That’s pretty insane. That’s like the future right there. So if people are wondering what kind of different lenses do I need from my goggles and how do I know which one to use? Because I think that’s something a lot of people struggle with. What if we can only have two lenses? What two lenses should we get around in the, how do we know what to use?

Ben: (08:15)
I keep talking about the premiums, the premium goggles, uh, the majority of those, if it’s not a photochromic lenses are going to come with two lens options and the brands who are really good job of giving you your, your sunny day lens and then your sock, the cloudy lens. So, uh, something like this, like a dark smoke or a midnight lens for your sunny days, and then switching it to something like this with a Rose lens for those cloudier days.

So really it’s just the VLT range. Um, you can see a lot more clearly with this, uh, but if it’s a really bright day, you’re going to burn those retinas. So that’s why, uh, gauging what it looks like out there. And then even sometimes riding with that spare lens, you, or keeping it in the car, if you have accessibility to your car.

Christian: (08:58)
Yeah. I usually just remember it by if it’s snowy out, I can usually see everybody’s eyes through their lenses. If it’s super sunny to kind of get that GI Joe look repeating and see them.

Ben: (09:08)
Yeah. Tober commanders, that’s it. I think we gotta think to me. Yeah. A lot of information there. You guys hit us up with questions.

Christian: (09:15)
This is the Goggle buying guide. So remember if you want the best experience, go for premium, the features are going to be worth it. You’re going to have a better vision that our field division, uh, we’re gonna use those premium lenses, which are actually molded just for the Goggle instead of cut off a big sheet.

And you’re also gonna get two lenses with your purchase price there, um, a better frame. You’re going to have a strap that fits in your helmet better, and then be sure to check for helmet about compatibility. Find the Goggle that works and go out there and try it.

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