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Whattup Shredder?

In this video we are going to go over how to use a balance board to get better at snowboarding during the offseason to improve our performance when we get ready to shred the mountain!


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Using a Balance Board for Snowboarders

balance board

What else shredder today, we’ll give you a little hack to make you a lot better at jibing, specifically a lot better at hitting rails. So right now you don’t know how to jump it all. You’re terrified of the park. You don’t know how to inboxes, or maybe you’ve already graduated to boxes and you’re scared of rails, or you’re already hitting rails, but you fall off all too often. This hack is going to make it so much easier to balance out there on the slopes.

What about balancing on rails? Now? This is largely a function of just practice with the balance and developing stabilizing muscles. So you need to actually develop those fast switch muscles in your body. They’re going to help you balance on that rail in the moment. And so the, one of the best ways to do this is, you know, we do a lot of the gym training here.

Uh, but uh, more of a balanced board type thing is going to make all the difference on rails. It’s gonna make you really good at balancing. It’s gonna make you really good at those board slides. Those FrontSight board slides and then also like tail sides and no slides where you have to move your hips over to one side. You’re going to get really good at this, with the balanced board. Now, what you can do this on a budget.

So the bare minimum that we need here is like a two liter bottle of water or soda or whatever, and a skateboard deck. So you can go to Goodwill and you can get a skateboard deck for probably five or 10 bucks. If you need to. It doesn’t mean to be a nice deck. We’re just using it for balancing. Now I’m using a little back roller here, but again, you can use a two liter bottle or any other, uh, cylindrical object that you have at home. That’s going to work just fine.


Offseason Balance Training for Snowboarders

Now, the first time you do this, it’s going to be really scary. It’s going to slip out. So what we want to do is we’re going to have just the tip of the board up on the object. Don’t turn it out, the whole thing up there. And then we’re going to step on the side that is already on the ground.

Now we can get on here and we’re not balanced yet. Anybody can do this. Then as soon as I move my hips over to my right leg, it’s going to pull me up. So you can see here on Mount snow. If it’s your first time, you might slip out on this. So what we can do is we can just take a chair or a wall right here, and we can use it to help us get up. And we can actually feel it out with the chair or the wall or whatever, so that we don’t fall and get hurt. Now, once you feel comfortable with the chair, see if you can just let go of the chair and balance up here.

Now we want to practice balancing in the middle, which is kind of tricky. Cause my thing’s all jagged. It doesn’t want to go in the middle, but we also want to practice on the nose and the tail. So I mentioned those nose sides and tail sides. See if you can just bring the board over and get way on your tail and keep it there.

Is it going to help you in tail sides and no sides? And then see if you can bring it back to the middle because on the rail, oftentimes, you know, we’re going to fall off to one side and we’re going to have to adjust and save ourselves. So it was a pretty easy exercise that anybody can do at home. I recommend you just try to do it for one or two minutes, a just set it somewhere where you walk by it.

Every time you see it, jump on there, do one or two minutes. You’re going to develop those balancing muscles in your hips. You’re gonna develop that sense of balance. Where do you move your hips? If you’re falling off a rail, how do you stay in the middle? How do you see it in the nose? How do you stay on the tail? And if you practice this every day, a rail is going to be so much easier. You know, it feels just like a slippery rail out there on the slopes. So go ahead as a shot. Let me know what you think. That’s all really piece out shredder.

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