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What Makes a Snowboard Good for Carving? (Snowboarding Gear Tutorial)


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Whattup Shredder?

I remember when I was first learning to carve and I ended up eating the snow with my face.

Look, you gotta have the right board for your ride-style.

Sketchy B, our snowboarding equipment expert is here to help us decide how to choose a board that is good for carving.

This will save you loads of time and money when choosing a snowboard.

 We are going to go over the dirty details in this video.

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Choosing Your First Snowboard

long snowboard

Christian: (00:00)
What up shredder, if you’ve been around YouTube for a while, you’ve probably seen those crazy videos of people like Ryan napkin out there just shredding it. And it seems like his carbs are out of this world.

So today, if you want to make your cars out of this world, bring a breakdown. What makes a snowboard good for carving? You want to make sure you never miss a video. Go ahead and subscribe to the general hit notifications right now. Let’s get into it. All right. And we’re back.

So you’re talking about what makes us no more good for carving we’re here with our resident gear expert, sketchy B. And he’s going to break it down. When you take a look at some force behind us and figure out if you want to make your cars, how does the world what’s snowboard? Should we be riding?

Speaker 2: (00:42)
What makes a snowboard good for carving? I grew up the K two simple pleasures right here.

This is a great carving board. So the first thing you’re talking about really, when you’re talking about carvings is the side cut. So I’m gonna hold this up here, does a camera. You can kind of look back and see how that, or did sin at the center. And then it comes out of the tip and tail.

So a more, a more mellow, psycho, larger number it’s measured in meters is gonna make for more mellow turns. Whereas the more aggressive side type is going to be a little bit more twitchy, a little bit more reactive, and you’re not going to quite get those big surfy carby terms. It might be tighter periods with a smaller side cut. Exactly.

Christian: (01:22)
Okay. And the smaller site you would see kind of cut in further into the board,

Ben: (01:25)
Is that right? Correct. So with, uh, with a larger side cut radius, you’re getting bigger surfy turns with a shorter sights at radius. You’re going to get those more quick, really, really twitchy, reactive turns cold.

And then if you want to just compare side by side so we can compare this form prep, which is a basic street board, and you can really just see, there’s not a lot of psychic going on to this sport.

Christian: (01:50)
Yeah. This is a little more little flat earth. That’s going to look more like a two by four rather than some big arcs. Yeah.

Ben: (01:56)
So the side cut is really what gives you a good car. Um, if you think about it, if you just have a flat edge going all the way down, you wouldn’t be able to engage and be like riding a planet.

How to Choose a Snowboard for Carving

So we’ve put a lot into these boards and yeah, the side cuts the biggest part. There’s a lot of other factors that go into what makes them a really carving board. Another thing is taper. This does multiple things for us. It definitely falls into the free ride category, but it also helps with your carving.

What it does is kind of keeps that tail on the ground and elevates the Noah’s. It helps it turn initiation and floats powder as well. And then another really important thing for when you’re carving is making sure that you get a wide enough waist width on the board.

You know, when you see people really diving in digging those trenches and getting those links to the snow, it’s because their toes aren’t dragging and hitting and stopping them. If your toe is hanging over or your heels hanging over, it’s going to act like an emergency brake rift in your car when you made that turn.

So that’s like really the important thing is making sure that you don’t have significant tow or he’ll drag. And that’s equated to the waist with the snowboards

Christian: (03:03)
And the weights with is just how wise it snores.

How to Buy a Snowboard

Ben: (03:06)
Yeah. Yeah. And you’ll notice that it’s variable as you go down, it’s a little bit wider on your foot here. And then it goes more narrow between the feet. That’s what it allows you to really get it up on it.

Christian: (03:16)
Cool. And yeah, I’ve heard rumors that Ryan and Rives a super wide board so that he doesn’t get that tone he’ll drag and maybe even uses risers.

I don’t know. We’d have to ask him. So if I’m walking into a silver shop after what you just told us, and we want to get a board, that’s really good for poverty.

Ben: (03:32)
Every board has a, I call it a little tree sticker on it, and it’s going to kind of show you what that board’s all about. That’s what we’re here for to kind of break down that true stinkers.

So what it comes down to is, you know, a lot of times, if you’re really looking for a carving board, you’re going to be looking for aggressional snowboard. You can’t really get down on a, on a twin board, but if your sole focus is to get out there and leg deep carts, I would recommend a directional snowboard.

Christian: (03:56)
Cool. So we’re going to look for directional snowboards. We’re going to look at the sides cut on that. So the words that will scan the sticker,

Carving Snowboard

Ben: (04:01)
Right? Yep. And we’re going to look at the taper exactly

Christian: (04:04)
make sure that board is wide enough for our feet. So if you have a size
15 feet, maybe think about going with the wider we sweat, um, let’s get
a normal feed. You probably don’t really have anything to worry about.

Ben: (04:13)
The other side of that really is if you do have really small feet and
you do get on really wide board, you’re never going to have that tone
yell drag, but you will have a little bit more trouble getting that
board to turn over heel to toe side action.

So it’s really finding that sweet balance between being too wide of a
snowboard and having that tone he’ll drag. Cause we talked about this.

Christian: (04:33)
Awesome. Any parting words for people out there that want to get their cars on

Ben: (04:36)
And get out there and car guys get down there, get low slash your friends slash antibody. Have a good time.

Christian: (04:42)
Awesome. Get out there. Rip some cars that’s open today.

Christian: (04:47)
Peace Out Shredder

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