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Whattup Shredder?

Are you itching to take your board to the park and hit some jumps? Without the right kind of board, your park run may come up flat.

In this video, we are breaking down what kind of board you need to really kill it a the park and take your tricks to the next level.


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Park Snowboarding

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Christian: (00:00)
What Up Shredder?

if you want to go out there and rip the park this year, you have to make sure you have the right gear. I don’t know about you, but I bought snowboards before that looked great in the catalog. When they got to my house, they were like a two by four. And I get through the park. I can’t gym. I can’t jump.

I can’t do anything. So if we want to have the best chance of shredding it in the park, we got to pick the right board. So we got a special guest today. I’m going to break down what makes a snowboard. Good for parks. Let’s get into it, but first, if you wanna make sure you never miss video, go ahead, subscribe the two hidden notifications right now. And while you’re at it, smash that like button

Ben: (00:42)
We’re here to talk about what makes the snowboard good for the park? We got a few different variables, you know, uh, when, when you say park, that can mean a bunch of different things. There are certain kids that go into the park and they stick strictly to rails and boxes.

And then there’s people that go out there and they just jump or just ride half pipe. And then there’s people that are well-rounded that want to do it all in one board for everything. So I’m going to kind of break down park into three different categories for you. All right.

Christian: (01:05)
Yeah. And some things are realized is like those three categories, you have completely different boards to perform.

Ben: (01:11)
Yeah. So typically for a rail rider or somebody that’s just into kind of hitting boxes and rails, you’re going to want something a little bit softer, something that you can flex and manipulate with ease and fold that press throughout the rail itself.

So, um, yeah, for rails and box riders, you know, a softer flexing board is what I recommend once you start, um, you know, progressing or if that’s, if rails and boxes, aren’t your thing. Um, you know, if you’re, if you’re looking at a jumping, you’re going to want a board that’s a little bit stiffer, a little bit more stable. Uh, you know, if you think about coming down off the jump, if you’re a little tail heavy or a little nose heavy, that word’s just gonna kind of move out here, whereas a more stable word is going to give you that platform to bring the bolts down.

Christian: (01:53)
Yeah. They knew, like at one point I was riding a soft board rail board and I was hitting jumps and I just couldn’t land anything in, I didn’t realize until later that it was just because of the snowboard. Then I strapped on, took a little stiffer and all of a sudden they could stop all my trips. So it makes a huge difference on Johns and also noticed people that only ride rails. A lot of times they’re scared of the jumps and I’m theory that it’s just because their snores aren’t stable enough to ride them.

Ben: (02:17)
Yeah. I’ve seen it before. I mean, we’ve lived it before. I’ve definitely I’ve went out and bought a new snowboard based on what it looked like and what it was called, thinking that it was going to be a rail board. And it turns out it was for railing turns, not for riding rents. So we’ve made that mistake and we’re here to kind of give guide you guys and make sure you get the right thing.

So we talked about what’s good for a rail and railroader board and a jumper. What if you’re kind of doing everything that’s where a board like this awning greats from yes. Snowboards comes in this board has a really great well-balanced flex it’s camera in its profile. So you have camera dominant between the feet. That’s not real good, responsive stability. And then you have like a rocker zone outside of the feet, which is going to give you that flex and forgiveness for rails and boxes.

The Best Ski Park Gear

Christian: (03:05)
Yeah. And then I found that for me on jumps, I want to canvas snowboard, especially if I’m running big jumps, but if I’m running everything, a board like this is awesome and it can, it’s soft enough that it’s going to press on the rails, like in butter, but it still has enough stability that I can blend off the jumps.

So what did we set it up? And we know, you know, I know we have friends who would they reach a point in their lives and to say never again on the rails. And instead of hitting them, they’ll just air right over them. So at that point, we might not need as much black in the, what are we going to do if we are only around 80 or 90 foot floaters,

Ben: (03:38)
That’s when you’re going to want to go with a bigger board, not only stiffer, but bigger to, um, think of it as you know, that’s your landing pad under your feet. You want more of a landing pad when you’re going big like that. Uh, it’s just gonna lead to more stability. Not only when you’re taking off the launch itself, but also coming down and landing.

Christian: (03:56)
Yeah. Because when you’re going Mach 10 and a jump and you’re going off switch, and you’re about to throw something like, you don’t want your board chattering under you, you want to feel instability. You just want to feel like rock solid on that line. So that’s really important with those big jumps

So you’ve got rails again, the software to rails. We got this board for in between. Uh, we’re going to go skipper and a little bit longer jumps. What about for Ryan?

Ben: (04:18)
What’s that half pipe? Uh, I think of boards like the custom X is a good one to think of very stiff. Um, is this just the regular customer? We haven’t bring this over. And yeah, so the customer is really a great free ride tool.

This word, uh, was like, I think I said before designed by Dave Downing without slapping his name on it to be a pro model. So when Dave designed the sport, if you know his writing style, he’s not just half-pipe, he’s not just jumps. He’s not just powder.

He’s definitely well-rounded rider with a surfing background. So that’s what went into this, uh, custom that he designed. So yeah, the custom is a, it’s a great well-rounded for your board that can also do it in the pipe. This is a good one for say that friend that’s Oh, I don’t really do the park anymore. You can hop on this cruise, the whole mountain. If you end up in the park, it definitely doesn’t feel out of place.

Christian: (05:09)
You might not have the best and knows dresses in the game without board, but you’re going to be able to ride everything with it.

So these are great, awesome park boards, depending on what your style is. Uh, can we take a look at some boards that maybe you wouldn’t wanna ride in the park or some people still do and they get away with it, but for the average person out there, you’re maybe not going to override it.

The Best Snowboard for the Park

Ben: (05:26)
This is an easy one. Don’t take your slip word in the park. I see people do it. I don’t understand it. Don’t do that. Now. Let’s talk about like a more common, I wouldn’t even say it’s a mistake cause I love ripping boards, like the simple pleasures in the park. But if you see, it’s not a twin board, I talk about, well, if I didn’t talk about what’s important in a park or having it be a twin board.

Now, if you guys don’t know what I’m talking about, when I say twin, you can see that there’s clearly a nose and a tail on this board. You can see if you’re not, it’s not going to ride as great switch, but it still does a job versus a twin board. So let’s talk about a twin board. Yeah.

That means it’s the same amount of distance to the nose and tail. So you don’t have like more length on your notes, the tablets, you can set it up twin. And if you think about it, like in the park, you know, you do a one 80 you’re riding switch. You don’t want it to feel really unnatural. So having a twin board is going to be really, really helpful for all that part.

Christian: (06:27)
Yeah. You can basically write it forwards, backwards, whichever way you want. And it’s going to feel the same. If you ride park every single day, kind of get to the point where you don’t have a natural stance. You’re kind of running both ways. Okay.

Ben: (06:39)
Yeah. Obviously like free rag board, like simple pleasures, not to say it’s not allowed in the park, but it’s not going to be your ideal park board. Yeah. Tough time on rails. And that thing know.

How to Pick Your Snowboard for Beginners

Christian: (06:51)
Yeah. So let’s just sum it up real quick. Uh, if you ride tons of park, you’re going to want the twin tip snowboards. That means you can ride in the scene forward and back. And a lot of times ice, right. Just the same exact length of nose and tail. So it ran, switched so much, uh, for rails. We’re gonna wanna go.

Ben: (07:06)
Yeah. Softer flex. Yeah.

Christian: (07:08)
And uh, if you want to write everything, rails and jumps will be somewhere in the middle and they tell us what we’re we to do.

Ben: (07:14)
We’re going to, we’re going to go up in size. We’re going to look for it.

Christian: (07:17)
Yeah. And that’s probably gonna work pretty good for half, like two. Yep. And then yeah, if you’re going to kind of the person who just rides the whole mountain, but you also like to get in the park, but maybe you don’t mind reels that much.

We can ride something like the custom that’s a great free ride board, but it can still handle the jumps and everything like that. So we’re walking into the silver shop right now. We’re looking for an awesome park board, a shredder this year. Any final words of wisdom.

Ben: (07:38)
Yeah. And I don’t want to, I don’t want to knock the sales staff that much, these guys are committed to getting you the right board a lot of the times. So let the salesperson guide you and then use the knowledge that we’ve given you to go from there. They’ll put you in the right direction of a freestyle board versus a free ride board. And then you can use this information that we gave you to really narrow it down.

Christian: (07:56)
Yeah. And just remember if you’re only gonna be riding park, don’t go by and Flipboard. That’s all really.

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