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Copper Mountain Top to Bottom In Less Than 5 Minutes


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Whattup Shredder?

Coppers Early Season park is going off. If you’re wondering what the snow is like at Copper, how crowded it is or what the park is like, check out today’s top to bottom video.

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Copper Mountain Snowboarding Tour

Copper Mountain Top to Bottom In Less Than 5 Minutes

What a shredder is Christian from stress school. We are up here at copper mountain. My first day up at copper they’re open. They got a super long top to bottom run, some pretty granular snow with a little weird. And then they’ve got a little park open with a bunch of like circus rails things doing weird shapes, weird sizes.

So we’ll take a lap down through copper. We’ll show you the park. We’ll show you the conditions and let me know what you think. Don’t forget. We’re giving away free enrollment to shred school this week. Plus the sticker pack. All you gotta do is like this video and comment down below. And we’re going to pick one of the comments at the end of this week.

Now, we’re going to follow my friends who are rippers, but let me just get strapped in and we’re going to follow these guys down the mountain.

It just rolled the whole run top to bottom. That’s American flyer at copper mountain. Ian, you saw, you know, our parking wasn’t great there. Um, but definitely so a little rough early season in the features and they’re kind of crazy. Let’s be honest. There’s some circus features. There’s some, you know, the flat to bump to flat. We got some STLs, see rails, all kinds of weird stuff in there.

So you gotta pick your line and find what works for you. Um, but overall smells pretty good. The run fast and you can cruise. So come check out copper mountain, early season, uh, pretty good conditions right now and the park super fun. It’s all friendly. Peace out spreader.

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