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5 Switch Riding Challenges


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Whattup Shredder?

Once you figure out how to ride switch on a snowboard, it’s time to challenge yourself. Today, we’re going over 5 switch riding challenges on a snowboard. How many of these can you do? Let us know in the comments below.

1. Riding the lift switch

2. Riding the trees switch

3. Riding moguls switch

4. Switch Ollies

5. Switch butters

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Riding the Lift Switch

5 Switch Riding Challenges

Um, because there is the easy temptation to just give up when something’s really hard and that’s, what’s gonna make the difference between a good rider and a bad is the bad writer never wants to look stupid where the person who is willing to humiliate themselves is the one who’s going to get better over time.

What up shredder Christian from Shred school.

And today we’re going to talk about five switch riding challenges. Cause I know a lot of you, you dabble in the switch riding. You think you can ride, switch, cause you do it every once in a while. We’ll have you mastered writing switch and some people don’t get, why would you mess riding switch?

Because it’s going to make every aspect of your riding better. Think about it. You’re riding regular and you accidentally get turned around in the trees. Now you’re riding switch.

Do you have it under control or you’re riding down the mountain, you do a butter and you actually definitely don’t make it round to regular.

Can you ride out of that trick switch or you’re on a rail line and you land switch. Are you going to revert for the next rail over? Can you actually hit that switch?

So this can make every aspect of your riding better.

Even if you just ride regular. Most of the time, I promise you you’re going to have more board control. You’re going to feel more comfortable with your snowboard and you’re going to be better using your tip and tail. If you practice riding the opposite directions that you normally do.

So we’re going to take a, just a run down and I’m going to do five switch riding challenges.

Now, if I can remember off the top of my head, I’m going to do, uh, getting on and off the left switch. So I’m going to strap in switch right foot first, just to feel the abnormality of it all. I’m riding in the trees, switch, switch butters, riding mobile switch and riding through proud switch. So those things are going to really tap into the difficulty of riding switch.

I’m not just cruising down an open Gruver by myself and having the easiest time of my life. I’m going to challenge myself and right at the edge of my abilities. And that’s always, what’s going to get you better at snowboarding.




Riding the Trees Switch

If you want to be right on the edge, not so far that you’re going to hurt yourself or do something dumb, but far enough that it’s going to be uncomfortable. So let’s go drop it into five switch challenges. Honestly, I’m getting a little nervous just thinking about it. Cause I don’t know if I can ride moguls and trees switch. I don’t ever do it, but I know if I could, I’d be a much better rider. So let’s go

So should we cut over there? So I said I was getting rides, switched moguls. He had switched switching the trees. It feels like we’re both right now. It’s pretty sketchy in here also because there’s still lots sticking up. So you have to deal with the variable conditions, but honestly I can ride this stuff regular.

So if I really do want to push myself, I should practice the switch, which I just never do, because why would I, but I know if I do this and I get better at it, all my riding is going to get better. So we gotta switch vocals. We gotta switch in the trees. Let’s go to switch all these switched butters, switching the crowds and switch, getting on the list.

It’s not always going to go. Perfect. Try and switch. Keep that in mind. You’re going to look like an idiot out there. I don’t feel good about this doing it for you.

Riding Moguls Switch

So that was a little weird up there. So I turned all that get pretty squirrely, but I feel like I’m more in touch with, you know, the beginner. So now I’m riding up the lift switch. So it feels unnatural. You know, it’s like, think of the way you normally cross your arms and then switch it. It’s that kind of thing where it just takes some getting used to it and then you’re going to get there.

Switching on, you know, we did switch Mogels, switch trees, switch all these switch butters and switch getting on the lift. As you see now, honestly, I feel I’m humbled a little bit cause uh, it feels like I’m starting over again. And the weird thing for me is that I can hit a jump going 50 miles an hour switch.

Switch Ollies

I can land an 80 foot jump going switch fine, but honestly just riding Vogels or riding trees with tight turns and uh, just jumping out onto the run, something I do regular everyday. It’s a really difficult switch. So I feel like that’s, you know, number one, that was a big challenge for me. And two, I feel like if I do that, just a couple of runs every time I ride with. So treading it’s honestly going to get so much better. I think it’ll help me more on, you know, landing and taking off jumps.

You’ve kind of earned a straight line, but rails, you need a little bit more maneuverability and also just back country or free riding. So I feel like doing this every day is going to really help my free riding and my jibing and things like that. And I was looking at me a new challenge.

Switch Butters

So if you’re trying to get better at switching, you’re not where you want to be yet. Go out there, try these five switch writing challenges. Honestly, shouldn’t judge yourself too harshly and stick with it. Even when it’s humbling and hard, because there is the easy temptation to just give up when something’s really hard.

And that’s, what’s going to make the difference between a good rider and a bad is the, the bad rider never wants to look stupid where the person who is willing to shoot themselves, if the one who’s going to get better over time, he’ll go out there and be willing to do something that’s hard for you. Um, that was definitely hard for me. You can tell, give it a shot, let us know in the comments how to go. That’s all from the peace out shutter.

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