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How to Set Up Your Snowboard


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Hey Shredders, So, you are wanting to start snowboarding, maybe you’ve borrowed a friend’s board on the mountain, or rented one from a shop a couple times but now you finally go and get your own board.

You open up the board and go “Huh?” it’s not all together, or if it is maybe it doesn’t fit your feet right, or your typical stance. What does that mean?

Blisters, or a broken ankle if you don’t know what you are doing.

In this video we go over the basic snowboard gear tutorial that is designed to help you set up your new board correctly.

Lets jump into it Shredder.

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How To Know If Your Snowboarding Stance Is Goofy

carving snowboard

What a shredder it’s Christian professed school. And I’ve got a very special guest, our resident gear expert with me here today.

We got the sketchy feet. Hello, happy to be here today. We’re going to start at the very beginning. We’re going to talk about how to set up your snowboard scene. So maybe you just got Braden to snowboard.

Maybe you’re about to go on vacation on a ski trip with your bros and you need to get that stance set up so that you can go out there and shred. And so if you’re wondering in a regular groupie, how wide should my stance be? What kind of angle should we put on this thing?

We’re going to cover all of that and more today. So if you ever make sure you never miss a video, go ahead and subscribe to the channel right now. Let’s get into it. Okay. Schedule B. We’re going to show them how to set up their stand, starting from scratch. So let’s just cover what we need to have in place to even get our stance it up. What do we have to the table?

Yeah. So what we have here is our board, our bindings, and then you’re going to want your screwdriver as well. A number three, screwdrivers preferred. It’s not going to strip your hardware.

So if you’re a home right now, just make sure you have a snowboard, or if you’re going into the rental shop, just keep this in mind when you get there, but you gotta have your snowboard. You got to have bindings. And what do we have

Right here? So these are our base plates. This is a universal base plate. It’ll Mount onto any snowboard on the market today.

And is this what usually comes with most snowboard?

Yup. You’re going to get your, your hardware, your base plates and your bindings. That’ll all be in the Bible.

So we have, it’s very simple. We got our supplies in front of us and we’re going to get this thing set up. So first thing, if I’m going out there the first time I’m going wonder which foot goes forward. And if you’re watching you probably already know if you’re regular doofy, just in case you don’t, what’s a good way to know.

You know, a lot of people aren’t going to know until they’re out there. A good rule of thumb is just, if you go to slide on the floor, what foot you slide with? Um, I’ve seen people do the, the push in the back test.

I don’t really trust this one as much. So if you’re really unsure, if you’re regular goofy, I recommend giving yourself a twin board with a light stance, a 12 and negative 12, three stance.

Yeah. So we just put the standard equal. Then even if we mess it up, once we get out there, it’s going to be okay, but let’s give it a push test, a little try here and see if it works. Just to put us to the test. Also, if you want, you can just go risky business, Tom cruise style in whichever foot you slide within the front. That’s going to be what you want on your snowboard, but let’s try to push that. Alright. So we’re just gonna push bend and uh, how somebody else puts you.

Don’t think about it. Don’t think about before you’re going to go forward with, but so then step forward with his left foot. That means he’s regular. So you can do the same to be. And so I want to step forward with my left. I want to leave with my left shoulder. That means on regular. If it was to the right, that means we’d be goofy. So we got the stance figured out, are we regular goofy?

Now we need to make sure we put our bindings on backwards. Cause we were just watching some of the most popular YouTube out there. Then we saw this guy put his bindings on the Romberg.

Yeah. He had he a goofy rider with his left foot on the nose of the board. So yeah. So we want to avoid that.

And some of the veterans out there, we’re going to mess this up so bad. And how do we know we’re looking at the board? I know I’m regular. How do I know which bindings to put on which side of the pool?

Well, obviously this one has a nice long lifetime stain on it. So you’re going to know, but if you don’t have the binding stain on your board, a good way to tell is just by looking at the board, you can see the nose, there’s all sorts of graphic.

Call-outs to let you know that, which is the nose of the board and the tail. If you can look on the top sheet here on the back foot, it’s going to give you your reference points and, uh, everything that’s generally going to be on your back foot. So even if it’s twin snowboard, especially with a K two brand, they’re going to call out to back foot for you right there.

How to Attach Snowboard Bindings

Totally. So we can see all on the board from the graphics. We can see which way the text is written. Uh, so this text would be upside down and put up your front foot up here. So we’re going to make sure the tech text is right side up when we’re holding your board up like this. So that means there what my front binding on the top here. So that’d be the one with my left foot binding. How do we know which one is my left foot?

So, uh, I actually learned this really, really easy way. I was setting up a first time snowboarder and this is embarrassing, but I set her up the bindings on the wrong foot. She knew right away this first time snowboarder because all of our shoes buckled to the outside. That’s a really good way to remember it. All your shoes are gonna buckle to the outside, just like a binding strategy. Yes.

We’ll shut down. So we want to make sure that the, the actual ratchet, because on only outside of her foot.

Right, exactly. Okay, cool.

So then we’re just going to put the front foot went down there on the board and now we got to get this thing attached.

So I’m looking at this and only see his rubber on top.

Yup. So a lot of binding companies will give you a base plate cover. So you’re not putting the foot straight to that rigid plastic. So a little, a small foam cover that just snaps in places, comment, um, you know, from capita, they have heard from union, they’re going to have the, uh, screwing by name. Uh, everybody has kind of a different method for your base plate cover.

And if you’ve been out of the game for awhile, or if you have really old gear, this might look different to you because I know back in the day when I started snowboarding, there was no base plate cover. So you could just see where the board was attached. And so I see these new bindings and I’m like, where do we attached the board? But it’s pretty simple.

You just got to lift up this rubber and then we’re going to put the base plate right there. So what’s next? How do we know we have all these holes here? We have about eight holes. So we gotta figure out which holes do we use to attach the bindings and what angles we have our stance.

Yeah. So a common starting point. You know, if you, if you aren’t totally comfortable with sex dance or you’re trying to mix it up a little bit, uh, oftentimes what I’ll do for first time, years, or people that don’t have a preference on stance is also on the actual manufacturers, reference points.

Those are oftentimes called out with a gold foil or silver foil insert, uh, calling out the actual reference point. So that’s where the engineers actually designed this board to ride at its most optimal state.

Cool. So we can see that because these ones have no markings and these have these big white circles around them. That’s exactly right, man. Cool. So you’ll be able to know what the manufacturer’s suggested stance is there, what’s it called?

Uh, the reference stance. So this board is gonna reference at 21 inches wide, um, you know, stance with various, uh, you see a lot of freestyle riders with a little bit of a wider stance that like a better base, it’s better for balance on rails and jumping. Uh we’re as somebody that’s really into tight turns might run with a little bit more of a narrow stance.

Adjusting Snowboard Bindings

And, uh, this is pretty much a great starting stance for everybody later on. We’ll talk about how to tweak it. If you were more in freestyle or powder or free-rider all mountain or whatever, but this is a good starting point, right of words. All right. Stands like this. No problem.

There we go. So we’ve got everything snug. It’s not totally tightened down yet. That’s one thing you’d never want to forget is once you get it to the point that you like, you stood in it, make sure you come back and tighten those screws down. Cause you do not want this go for it out there. Yeah.

Alright. So let’s say we put it on the ground and just like give it a shot. Make sure it’s good. And then we’ll take them up. Yeah.

Don’t I throw this down. I’ll act like the writer here since I set it up. So you’re just standing right in. You don’t even need your boots on yet. We’ll get into that later with your strap adjustment.

So you can see with the knees bent, I’m pretty much coming up to my shoulders. It’s a really comfortable stance for me. Uh, another advantage of ducking that stance out is just opening your shoulders up naturally not only for switch riding, but to see those around you a little bit better too, you know, snowboarders sometimes get a bad rap for just mobbing into people wasted. Sometimes that happens. This could actually help you avoid that issue.

Awesome. So that stands feels good.

I like this now. I think I want to go back and make sure I tighten all these screws down before we go any further.

All right. Let’s tighten them up and then we’re going to be ready to ride soon.

So, um, a little trick here. Um, if you are ever having trouble, some of these foot bed covers get a little tricky, a good way to get some leverage is to come beyond the high back and you can actually just lift that right up. And remember we’re using our toe ladder to keep that out of our way. It’s not bothering us. And then we’re just tightening down.

Beginner Snowboard Gear Tutorial

So I see people go incredible Hawk on this. You don’t need to get that crazy rather than going super tight or using Loctite or anything like that. I would just say, check your gear before you go out. You want it to be tight. You don’t want to strip the hardware. So I go to like a tight turn until I feel that resistance.

And I was riding buddy of this year and his findings just sort swiveling. Right. And on the run. So he was always off running to tightened his binding. So just take care of this beforehand. You’ll be good to go. Right.

Charlotte’s Matthew. All right. So let’s just remember that tighten up this back foot, just like so, and that’s it awesome.

So we are good. We got our snowbirds set up and we’re ready to shred. And so you might be wondering about, you know, your forward lean, how to adjust these straps. Should you make a longer note? Was there a tail? How do we adjust the angles?

We’re going to cover all that in another video, but this is the basic, so we really just want to get to something that’s not going to screw us up out there. So don’t get out there and we’re not like riding in a split or something, which we both seen. So this is a great starting seeds. It’s a great beginner steams and it covers all the basics. Is there anything else we need to know?

I think we’ve covered the basics in this one. We can get more technical later on.

Yeah. So just so we’re good advice. Don’t trust the rental shops because we’ve seen over and over again from sending up kids with crazy stances and it’s going to make it almost impossible to go out there and we gonna have a silver and have a good time.

So follow this video, 12, 12 centered stance, 12 negative 12, and you’re ready to shred that’s all for today. Peace out, shredder, peace out shredder.

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