Snowboard Lessons At Tres Puyes

Experience the thrill of snowboarding at Tres Puyes with Shred School’s expert guidance. Our online snowboard school is dedicated to helping riders of all levels, from beginners to advanced, master the slopes and perfect their snowboard techniques. Whether you are new to the sport or looking to enhance your skills, our experienced instructors are here to provide personalized lessons that cater to your needs. Join us at Tres Puyes and let Shred School be your trusted companion on your snowboarding journey.

Why Choose Our Snowboard Lessons at Tres Puyes?

In our online snowboard lessons, you’ll be introduced to a comprehensive range of skills and techniques that are essential for snowboarding at Tres Puyes. We’ll start from the basics, such as understanding your snowboard gear, learning how to stand on your snowboard, and getting comfortable with sliding downhill. As you progress, we will cover techniques like turning, stopping, and how to fall safely to minimize injury. Our lessons will also include exercises to help you improve your balance and flexibility, which are crucial for maintaining control while snowboarding. As the lessons advance, we will delve into more complex snowboarding maneuvers. You’ll learn how to carve, a technique that involves turning by shifting your weight from one edge of the board to the other. We’ll also cover jumping, riding switch (snowboarding with your non-dominant foot forward), and even some basic tricks like grabs and spins for those feeling adventurous. To help you navigate Tres Puyes’ unique terrain, we’ll provide tips on how to handle various snow conditions, ride through trees, and tackle steep slopes. Our goal is to equip you with the skills and confidence to enjoy an exhilarating snowboarding experience at Tres Puyes.

Climb the Ranks from Green Circle to Double Black Diamond of Freestyle Snowboarding

We break down tricks from easiest to most difficult so you can start at the beginning, learn in the right order and progress through the ranks faster than on your own.

The Last Snowboard Training Program You’ll Ever Have To Buy

200+ Video Lessons in Regular and Goofy Stance – Learn everything from how to strap in on day 1 to how to land your first 900 from snowboard veterans who will show you the insider secrets learned from 20+ combined years in the industry

Get Better At Snowboarding In The Off-Season From Home

Not only can you get better off-snow, you can get A LOT better if you know what to practice and in what order. This is the easiest way to show up to the mountain next time on snow and have your friends ask “when did you get so good.” We cover jib training, trampoline, flexibility and strength, balance and much more…

Get Better Faster When You Practice Like The Pros​

As you can imagine, your average rider and your average PRO practice in a much different way. Learn the 3 steps to practice like a pro, and make progress every time you go ride. Once you put this in to practice, you’ll get better faster than ever before.

Learn New Tricks Every Single Time You Ride

Most people get bored after a while, not because they don’t like snowboarding anymore, but because they aren’t learning as much as when they started riding. Get the magic back and start having as much fun as you did when you started snowboarding

Know Exactly How To Setup Your Gear To Ride Better Without Changing Anything Else

Learn exactly what to buy and where to buy it, but even if you don’t need any new gear, you’ll learn how to setup your snowboard for different conditions like pow, park, pipe, groomers, ice, and how to make snowboarding easier with just a few gear tweaks

Trick Tracker “Shred Map”

Learn what tricks to learn in what order so you can progress 3x faster than your average shredder.
Track your progress on tricks, and know exactly what you need to try next, what you’ve already landed, and where to go from here.

Get 1-1 Coaching With Personalized Video Feedback of YOUR Video

Submit your videos every month and get personalized side-by-side video feedback from the pros so you know exactly how you’re progressing on that new trick you’ve been trying. We’ll go frame by frame with your trick next to one of of doing the same trick so you can see how you match up!

More than Pay For the Cost of Shred School With Money-Saving Local Secrets

How to find the pow runs, lift ticket deals, discounted gear and lodging specials only locals know about. This will save you hundreds of dollars and easily pay for the cost of this course alone.

Learn Any Trick You’ve Ever Dreamed Of

Looking for a trick tip that we DON’T already have? (We already have hundreds with more on the way) We’ll gladly make your trick tip for you. Just use our easy to submit form and let us know what you want to see, just like this video on the right we recorded last week after a student requested it.

BONUS: For A Limited Time Get Our 14-Part Training to Learn How To Butter Like a Pro

We’ll walk you through the key building blocks to unstoppable butters, and show you have to master 4 different types of butters next time you go to the mountain.

Get Injured Less Often, and Feel Young Even As You Age

Taught by a certified yoga teacher, stretching can prevent injuries, allow you to ride longer and feel better. Not to mention, you’ll actually be able to reach your grabs, get warmed up faster and charge harder. IF you want to take your riding to the next level, stretching can help you get there.

Bring Out Your Competitive Side and Start Doing Pro-Level Tricks

We don’t stop at the basics. Learn every single jump trick you can think of, from the “Tame Dog” frontflip to the cab 900. Not just jumps either. Want to do a handplant? We got you. Hit a handrail? Yup, got that too. We can bring you through the ringer so you come out a certified ripper.

Get a Year's Worth of Snowboard Lessons For Less than the Cost of a 1/2 day Lesson At Tres Puyes

"When Did You Get So Good?"

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How much do Tres Puyes Snowboard Lessons Cost?

In Tres Puyes, snowboard lessons can be quite expensive. On average, a half-day lesson at the resort can cost around $100-$150, while a full-day lesson can range from $200-$300. Private lessons tend to be even pricier, with rates starting at $300 for a half-day and going up to $500 for a full day. In comparison, Shred School offers a much more affordable option for snowboard enthusiasts. With online lessons, you can get a year’s worth of instruction for less than the cost of a half-day lesson at Tres Puyes. This cost-effective alternative allows individuals to learn and improve their snowboarding skills at their own pace, without breaking the bank.

How to book your Tres Puyes snowboard lesson with Shred School

Click the button below to get more details about available plans, how to access your lessons and more. You can become a Shred School student and start watching immediately on any device. From beginner to pro, we’ve got you covered. By tomorrow you’ll be well on your way to becoming the kind of snowboarder you’re meant to be.

What Shred School Students Have To Say

Meet your instructor for your Tres Puyes Snowboard Lessons

Christmas morning 1997, as I tore open the snowboard shaped package under the tree and saw the Burton Chopper 122 sticking out with a fork in the brain graphic, my little 10 year old mind just about exploded. I had never in my life seen something so… perfect.

That day began my obsession with snowboarding which has brought me from spending the after-school hours of 4pm – 9pm every day of the season riding our little 500ft vertical mountain in Central Pennsylvania to making the migration West at 18 years old, living the Ski bum lifestyle in Colorado, delivering pizzas at night and winning championships during the day. 

After a 5 year hiatus as a professional in online education, I’m back in the snowboarding world to pass on the same benefits I’ve received from the shred. 

Snowboarding has given me best friends, it’s given me adventure and travel, purpose, flow states, my mental and physical health, significant others, time in nature, something to look forward to and much much more.

I want to pass my love for snowboarding on to others and help them safely and quickly progress to they can experience the same benefits that i have, and feel what it feels like to show up and have your friends rally around you and ask “when did you get so good?” 

– Ed, Your Instructor

Founder, Shred School

CBS Collegiate National Champion in Snowboard Slopestyle

In conclusion, snowboarding at Tres Puyes promises to be an incredibly fun and exhilarating experience. With its breathtaking slopes and stunning mountain views, Tres Puyes offers the perfect setting for snowboarders of all levels to enjoy their time on the slopes. However, if you’re looking to learn or improve your snowboarding skills without breaking the bank, Shred School’s online snowboard lessons are the way to go. For less than the cost of a half-day lesson at Tres Puyes, you can access comprehensive snowboarding tutorials and expert guidance from the comfort of your own home. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your snowboarding skills – click the link below to get signed up today!

Get a Year's Worth of Snowboard Lessons For Less than the Cost of a 1/2 day Lesson At Tres Puyes

"When Did You Get So Good?"

Coaching – Community – Support – Advertisement Free – No Contract – Money Back Guarantee

Discount Available Until… 

how to backside handplant
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