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How to Ride Moguls on a Snowboard


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Whattup Shredder?

So you want to ride the infamous mogul run? I’m gonna break down why moguls can be a lot of fun and how to ride them safely, without ending up facedown in the snow.

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Riding Moguls the Easy Way

What up shredder, it’s sketchy be here, we’re out at Keystone taking a quick break to analyze one of the most controversial terrains out there. We’re talking about mobile riding today. You know, I feel like moguls are like the number one thing that snowboarders are just like, I ride everything, but moguls, you know, I could see that like people sometimes don’t know how to ride them. So what we want you guys to do is post your worst mogul experience. We’re going to go through those, check it out. Find the one that was just the most devastating mogul experience they’ve ever had. And go ahead and send them a t-shirt. So don’t forget to click, subscribe, follow, and, uh, we’ll get into it

Familiar with moguls at this point. It’s those little bumps that form all over the Hill that stopped you from straight lining, right? Moguls have been a love, hate relationship for me, my whole snowboarding career. When I was young, just getting into it 10 years old, I thought it was a terrain park. I thought it was just mini jumps all over the place. Great place. When you’re young to learn those little one eighties and get comfortable with some variable terrain. As I got a little bit older, a little bit more cool guy was like moguls or whack. Come back around full circle. I’m back into mobile riding and reason being is I learned how to do it, right? So we’re going to break it down. Mogul riding in three easy steps. The first step is there is good and bad moguls to kind of start learning on.


The Best Moguls to Ride, Pick the Right Field

So you want to find the right patch of moguls to learn with. The second step is being fluid, like a snake through the line. The third is being thinking one step ahead. So you need to be looking at that next turn as you’re going into that actual term, those are the three steps we’re going to break them down a little bit more detail for you guys. So the very first step picking the right mogul field, we’ve all been in that position where we get out to the top of the run and it’s moguls treat a tree and end, as far as the eye can see, not ideal for starting out learning moguls. What you want to look for is a run where the run itself is kind of cut in half with moguls on one side and open terrain on the other. So this will allow you to really kind of pick a couple little lines that you can get comfortable with and then work your way out of them.

So kind of dipping your toes into the Mogs, right? So you’re just barely going in a couple of lines, get comfortable, get out comfortably. And then as you progress with this, you can start taking more turns, go to three turns, go to four turns. And so on.

How to Control Your Riding on Moguls - Be Fluid

The second step here is being fluid. You don’t want to ride straight into a mogul cause it’s going to buck you. You want to find those smooth kind of lines between a lot of, a lot of body control, a lot of foot steering going on as you’re getting between these lines. The way I think of it is how a snake moves around for rocks. You’re never really going up on top of they’re working their way through. So being fluid. 

Mogul Fails - Think One Step Ahead

 And then the final step is being thinking one step ahead, your next turn, not the actual turn you’re in the reason I say this is, if you don’t know where you’re headed next, your body, isn’t going to be ready for that next turn.

And you’re going to get sent over the nose or fly back on your back. Something terrible. Um, a good analogy for this is kind of when you’re driving on the highway and you’re looking at your coming up, you don’t just turn your car straight over to the exit. You want to make calculated movements. So you’re in a good position to make that exit and not cause an accident. So there it is three easy steps to learn mobile riding. First, one’s going to be, you know, finding that right mogul section, preferably a run that split in half where you can dip your toes. Right? Second step is being fluid. You want to be like a snake throughout those moguls. Third step is being thinking one step ahead. So having your body in the right position while you’re making the turn to be ready to engage in the next turn.

So mogul riding is advanced already, but there’s ways to really step it up. We’re talking about advanced mobile writing. That’s finding those double-ups within the field of moguls, where you can actually launch from one mogul over that in-between section and catch the transition on the next one. This is a really cool, unique feeling. Once you master moguls, this is like makes them all that much more appetizing. Another thing that you can do for advanced mogul writing is knowing your body, knowing your control and using your vision to see the, what the light at the end of the tunnel of that mogul field, where you can just say, you know what? I got the leg strength right now. I got the Gusto. I’m going to point it and just ride this thing out. So those are two advanced mobile writing tips. Again, you want to get comfortable with everything else before you jump to doubling up and straight lining out and creating lines in the mobile field. So what I want to see from you guys is getting out there, dipping your toes in with the moguls, uh, you know, using these steps to really boost your confidence and your abilities. Uh, get out there, show us what you got. We want to see, uh, submit your videos. We’ll critique and tell you guys what we think. That’s it for today. Peace out shredder.

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