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Learn How To Method Grab (The RIGHT Way) On A Snowboard


In this trick tip tutorial I’m going to show you the step by step guide to learn how to method grab on a snowboard. This is one of the best feelings on a snowboard, and the calling card of the professional. What style of method do you have?

Snowboard Method Grab

What up shredder. Today we’re going to talk about the one trick that separates you for being a total newb and being able to shred. This is the trick that lets you know how good a rider is just by this one grab. It’s the most talked about trick when it comes to style. The trick I’m talking about is a method

Let’s talk about where this trick came from. Dave Andrecht originally did method airs on a skateboard in order to get himself to go higher in the vert ramp. The phrase method was actually coined by a guy named Neil Blender who learned backside airs by grabbing in front of his foot but soon realized that the proper method, hence the name was to go behind your foot on the back heel edge of your skateboard.

There’s a big debate in the industry about who has the best method in snowboarding. Maybe you think that Terje Hakkonsen has the best method or Jamie Lynn, Gigi Ruff, Shawn White. He does them gigantic in the halfpipe, Pat Moore, Craig Kelly, Nicholas Mueller. The names go on and on. Okay?

 There’s a lot of great methods out there, but a lot of people worship another man’s method and you know what I say?

Why don’t you worship your own method?

It’s your time to go out there and crank one out and feel like a God among men on your snowboard. So stop wondering about whose method is the best and work on your own method. Okay, so there’s a couple of tricks that you want to know before you learn a method grab. The first one is the all you, which is the foundation of most snowboard tricks. Then you might want to learn tail drags with a little shifty.

Backside shifty is in the air. You want to learn a melon grab, which is grabbing with your front hand on the heel edge of your snowboard in between your bindings and you can start to tweak that out.

And then you might also want to learn a backside 180.

 If you don’t know whata method is, it’s a combination between a melon grab and a backside shifty, but that doesn’t do it justice, okay?

Because a method is unlike anything else in snowboarding, what you want to do is only off the job level yourself out first and then kick your back leg out in. Grab the heel edge of your snowboard.
Now I like to kick my back leg higher than my front leg.

So the snowboard is actually pointing towards the ground. You’re going to keep your shoulders straight going off the jump, and then you’re going to shifting the lower half of your body.

This requires a lot of twisting in your body, so I recommend you stretch before you crank out a huge method. The mistake I see a lot of beginners making or even experienced riders who don’t have a proper method is they kick out their back leg as soon as they take off.

You’re never going to be able to go huge with the method. If you watch pros do gigantic methods, they always level out first and then tweak the method.

So the hardest part about a method is tweaking the snowboard and then coming back around to regular. If you’re not used to that, it’s going to be pretty strange. So I like to drift my methods to the left a little bit or do them on a backside, hip or backside air. Because when you tweet that method backside, it’s going to set you up to land.

I also go slightly on the heel edge for methods or flat base where almost every other trick, except for a frontside spin, I’m going to go off my toes. So I go, I like to go a little on my heel edge just to overcompensate for that tweak.

Now what features can you do? Methods, you can do it on sidehits. You can do methods on hips, on side, hips on the run. You can do backside airs and the halfpipe.

You can do methods off a roller. Okay, and let’s talk about some variations. You can grab a method directly between your bindings. Now, most snowboard grads, you don’t want to grab outside your bindings, but a method is one exception. So you can grab a method on your heel edge in front of your front binding to get a greater tweak on it. I like to grab mine outside the binding.

You’ll see only grab, I’m going to do outside the binding. No, just make sure if you do this that you don’t grab your heel. Okay. You can also do methods with a backside 180. 

You generally don’t spin with methods so you’re not. You’re not going to do like a fs 540 method, although you could and sometimes people can do them and make them look cool.

Now the time has come. There’s an ongoing battle between Ben and I over who has the best method.

So I want you to vote right now. Tell us in the comments who has the best method or loser is going to have a punishment and you’re going to get to decide to go ahead and put it in the comments. Tell me what you thought is video and tell me what you want to see next. Cause I’m going to make it just for you.

As always, if you want more, go to ed shreds.com sign up for our newsletter.

Where you going to get the best tricks before anyone else does. Subscribe to the channel. Share it with your friends, your family, and go out there. Learn to method and respect your method. Stop worshiping another man’s method. Go out there, learn to crank out your own method.

That’s all for now.

Peace out shredders.

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